Prime Minister Morawiecki met with the President of France. What were they talking about?

“During the meeting with the President of France, Emmanuel Macron, I spoke about, among other things, concerns about the situation on the Polish-Belarusian border and about the gathering of Russian units around Ukraine. The answer should be a solidarity-based approach by the entire European Union,” Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki said in Paris.

This is another visit of the head of the Polish government as part of meetings with European leaders aimed at coordinating the reactions of European countries and NATO members to Belarus’s hybrid activities.

At the press conference in Paris, organized after the meeting with the President of France, the Polish Prime Minister emphasized that he wants to present “a program of coherent activities that can be continued by the Slovenian and later the French Presidencies”.

The prime minister reported that during the conversation with Macron, he spoke of fears related to “several phenomena occurring simultaneously today”, which – he added – commented extensively with the president of France.

And, importantly, the president has emphasized several times that we do very similar looking at these risks, the phenomena that take place around us – said Morawiecki.

On the one hand, of course, this is the situation on our eastern border with Belarus, which is at the same time the eastern border of NATO (…) and the eastern border of the Union. By defending it, we are also defending the EU – He said.

He thanked French partners, as well as other partners in the EU, for their words of solidarity and support for the activities carried out by Poland to defend the eastern border of the EU.

The prime minister also spoke about the gathering of Russian military units around Ukraine and about gas blackmail, leading to an increase in gas prices throughout Europe. Gas prices affect energy prices across Europe – he pointed out.

The head of government reported that he talked with Macron about “a special Russian weapon, which unfortunately is propaganda, spreading fake news, hacking attacks, cybercrime and everything related to such an attempt to disintegrate, spread disinformation throughout the European Union”.

All these actions together should meet with one answer – this answer is the solidarity approach of the entire EU. I am glad to see this solidarity approach during my talks, which are a continuation of our diplomatic offensive, so to speak, a few weeks ago he declared.

He recalled that he had met the President of the European Council, Charles Michel. He talked with the prime ministers of European countries, as well as, inter alia, with the prime ministers of: Mustafa al-Kadhimi of Iraq and the regional government of Kurdistan – Masrour Barzani.

According to the prime minister, these actions “have already brought some results”.

Well, the influx of new immigrants has stopped or almost stopped. At the same time, there have already been some transports from Belarus back to the country of origin of these migrants. All of this together gives some cautious optimism – said Morawiecki.

However, he made the reservation that “these are only such small, first primroses that do not yet prove that Lukashenka’s regime has forgiven.

We must be very determined in our actions and show that we will not yield to this pressure – the prime minister pointed out.

As he emphasized, this is not mere migratory pressure.

This is a political crisis triggered by these innocent people from the Middle East being used by Lukashenka as human shields – continued the prime minister. He noted that “this is the very bad side of this political crisis”.

He also emphasized that – by defending the territory of Poland and the EU – we should be empathetic.

And we do it. We save those who crossed our border, got lost in our forests in eastern Poland, and in Podlasie in general. We transport a lot of people to hospitals, over two thousand people are already in transition centers, so to speak, in our country, but also many people decide to return to their countries of origin – added.

On the one hand, we show compassion, empathy, and on the other hand, determination. Because if we opened the gate to our eastern border today, most of these people would like to go to France, Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium or other countries of Western Europe. So by defending the eastern border of Poland, we defend the entire EU – Morawiecki noted.

During the conference in Paris, the prime minister was asked, inter alia, is it planned to strengthen the forces on the Polish-Belarusian border, or to use the help of the Czechs who offered to send their soldiers.

The prime minister said that a few days ago he had the opportunity to review the border posts and the level of mobilization, organization and motivation of Polish officers was very high.

This does not mean that in a situation where this pressure will continue to diminish, it will be more and more, we will not have to support our soldiers with our additional units. – he pointed out. At the same time, he added that we still have quite a lot of these units in reserve.

Thank you to all European leaders who are also ready to support Poland, this is a clear sign of solidarity and support for our borders said the prime minister. He recalled in this context that Polish policemen helped, among others in Greece or Bulgaria.

We gratefully accept this willingness to help. Most of all, however, I point to the need to build this physical dam, border infrastructure that will be able to protect us against the uncontrolled influx of new migrants, tributary of illegal migration – stressed the head of the government.

As he assessed, Poland is ready for it. He noted that a dam is to be built on the Polish-Belarusian border by next summer.

From September 2, due to migratory pressure in the border zone with Belarus in 183 localities in the province In the Podlasie and Lublin regions, a state of emergency is in force. It was introduced for 30 days under the ordinance of President Andrzej Duda, issued at the request of the Council of Ministers. The Seym agreed to extend the state of emergency for another 60 days.

By the middle of next year, a steel fence will be erected on the border with Belarus, topped with barbed wire and enriched with electronic devices. The 180 km long and 5.5 m high dam will be built in Podlasie. Along the border, motion sensors, day and night cameras will be installed. The Bug is a natural dam in the Lublin region.

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