Prince Andrew: Queen Elizabeth II, Epstein

Prince Andrzej was accused of molestation sexual intercourse by Virginia Giuffre. The alleged acts were to take place in 2001. The next hearing is on January 4, and the foreign media reported that the prince had wrapped the queen herself around his finger and intimidated the employees! Does the man feel unpunished?

Apparently, the 61-year-old is doing his best to delay the upcoming trial. His situation is complicated, as accusations have been made against him by several women. Queen’s son Elizabeth IIII for years he was a friend of the late Jeffrey Epstein and his wife, who was found guilty of inciting minors to orgies and illegal sex work. Prince Yourku allegedly used the services offered by his friend’s partner and harassed a minor at the time.

Recently, anonymous employees of the palace have spoken about the man. They report that the prince kept his contacts with Epstein and his wife in strict confidence. This account was to be known only to trusted people.

However, the case went to the media, and the island media reported that the queen’s son aggressively refused to help from professionals. As reported by the Daily Mail portal, the case of the prince has become an unsolvable “problem” for the family.

On the website we read that the prince bluntly ordered his advisers to “displace” them, according to whom it was a mistake to deny all the accusations and say that the case did not concern him:

According to the source, Andrzej was also supposed to enjoy the informal immunity granted to him by the queen herself. The prince did not plan to explain his behavior, but only answer to his mother.

The 61-year-old still does not plead guilty to the alleged offenses. He claims that he was with his daughter for her birthday party at the time he allegedly committed the sexual abuse. Before the court, he is to present evidence that confirms his words, but the investigators have already managed to establish facts that undermine the prince’s version of events. There was also information that Princess Beatricewith whom my father was supposed to be at pizza, he completely does not remember the event and the birthday party.

According to the register of family events kept in the palace, the prince was scheduled to visit a manicurist that evening. His employees also believe that they do not remember what Andrzej did that day, and the only person who could confirm the version of events presented by him in court is a security guard who is dead.

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