Prince Charles and Camilla in Canada: at the start of the tour amidst controversy

Hard times for the British monarchy. Especially outside the borders. After the much discussed Royal Tour of Kate Middleton he was born in Prince William to the Caribbeanfull of controversy, and the even more subdued one, in the same area, of Sophie of Wessex and Prince Edward, now it’s up to the Prince Charles and Camilla of Cornwall take the place of Queen Elizabeth for the Platinum Jubilee. This time, in Canada.


The English royals and the effort of making themselves loved abroad

At home they are very popular. Outside Great Britain, a little less, especially in the last period, so much so that, in the various royal tours abroad, their image has started to creak. But the Windsors do not give up and thanks to the jubilee year, in the figure of Carlo and Camillathey flew to Canada for a three day tour in homage to the seventy years of His Majesty’s reign. A sort of official “proof”, before inheriting the Crown. And become, after an interminable time, the king and queen consort of the United Kingdom.

Arriving overseas yesterday, Carlo and Camilla were greeted under the plane, as per tradition, by some key figures in politics and institutions and by some representatives of the Armed Forces.

prince charles, camilla

Prince Charles just arrived in St. John’s, Newfoundland to begin his three-day Canadian tour (photo: AP)

But the Prince of Wales did not have time to breathe the Canadian air that already, during the welcome ceremony, in the presence of the Canadian premier Justin Trudeauhe had to admit in his speech some concerns. “It’s time to come to terms with the darker and more difficult aspects of Canada’s past,” admitted Queen Elizabeth’s son. A reference to the UK colonial past, a problem that the Cambridge, and then the Sussex, have had to deal with during the Royal Tours of the past weeks. Because even if there were those who applauded the arrival of the aristocrats, there were also those who contested the English royalty. Yesterday someone even invited Prince Charles to apologize, on behalf of the monarchy, for the treatment of indigenous communities in Canada.

The tour between beer and woolen gloves is starting

There will be other occasions during the tour to explore the subject. Meanwhile Carlo and Camilla, as if nothing had happened, they went on, enthusiastic and happy to meet hundreds of people and shake as many hands. Here the two, today, have made a leap to Quidi Vidi Village, in Labrador. It is a former fishing area today a showcase for artists who want to make their works known.

prince charles, camilla

Carlo and Camilla as they try their hand, with poor results, in an artistic work at the Quidi Vidi Village (photo: AP)

Then they moved on to Quidi Vidi’s Brewery, the oldest craft brewery and third largest beer producer in Newfoundland (so to speak, the most renowned beer here is the Iceberg, created from the water of a 20,000-year-old iceberg off the coast of Newfoundland and Labrador). Between one tasting and another, the future sovereigns also started tapping.

prince charles, camilla

The prince and the Duchess are busy drawing beer (photo: AP)

The tour de force will continue with a ceremony at National War Memorial from Ottawa and a visit to the School of the Assumption where the prince will meet the families of the newcomers and Camilla will participate in a youth literacy event. One appointment after another in which Carlo and Camilla they won’t have time to breathe. Perhaps a strategy, so as not to have to stop too long to listen to those who will contest them.


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