Prince Harry and Meghan Markle collaborate with the producer of the series “Fargo”

After Prince Harry and Meghan Markle resigned as senior members of the British royal family and settled in the United States, speculation and speculation about their professional future appeared regularly in the media.

Last September, it became clear what path they decided to take. It was then that Meghan and Harry started working with Netflix by signing a long-term, lucrative contract.

Estimated at a staggering $ 150 million, the deal covers a broad spectrum of programming – the princely couple’s production company Archewell Productions will create fictional and documentary films, series and programs for children, as well as scripts.

In July, we got to know their latest joint project – an animated series with the working title “Pearl”, which is to be a tribute to the most outstanding women in history.

The princely couple has no intention of slowing down. According to the latest reports, the Archewell Productions team was joined by Nishika Kumble, one of the producers of the cult series “Fargo”. The company’s official statement says it will lead the scriptwriting team.

“As part of close cooperation with Netflix, it will create engaging content that, taking into account the voices of members of various environments and communities, will educate, raise awareness and inspire,” reads the princely couple’s statement released by the company.

Kumble previously served as vice president of development and production at Le Train Train Productions founded by actress Rashida Jones, and produced the series “Centerpiece”, starring, among others. Maurice Harris, Tessa Thompson, and Maya Rudolph. On taking up a job with Archewell Productions, she joined Ben Browning, who was recently appointed Director of Content.

“Since they shared their vision of establishing a production company whose main mission is to create works that take into account different points of view and perspectives, draw attention to important problems and lift the viewer’s spirits, I knew that this is a unique project in which I want to participate” Browning told Forbes.

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