Prince Harry and Meghan Markle DON’T APPEAR ON THE OSCARS? “Harry wants to AVOID meeting Kristen Stewart”

Despite the still raging coronavirus pandemic, the 94th Oscars are due to take place on March 27. According to critics, the greatest chances of winning the Film Academy statuette have, among others, Lady Gaga for the role of the wife of the owner of the Gucci fashion house in the production of “House of Gucci” and Kristen Stewart, which delighted the public with the performance of Princess Diana undergoing crisis in the movie “Spencer”.

As reported by OK! these are the meetings with the actress Lady Di fears Prince Harry. The former royal family member currently residing in the United States was to attend the gala with Meghan Markle. The couple received invitations to both the ceremony and the party organized on the occasion. However, an informant from a foreign magazine reveals that the son of Princess Diana of he watched with doubtful enthusiasm the biographical picture about his deceased mother and wants to avoid unnecessary misunderstanding with the actress.


The film made Harry disgust. He is very upset the source revealed.

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The informant adds that the probability of Stewart receiving a nomination for the award for the best female role is high, which would entail her presence at the gala, and thus the inevitable meeting with dissatisfied Prince Harry and Meghan:


They were invited to all events and were going to attend the Oscar ceremony, but there they would face Kristen Stewart, who will most likely receive a nomination for Best Actress – the source says.

As it turns out, the spouses’ opinions are divided. While Harry tries to avoid an unnecessary and awkward confrontation, his wife tries to find a way to attend the ceremony without any problems:

He thinks they might just ignore Kristen or exchange short pleasantries, but Harry can’t pretend and reacts emotionally. He’s seriously considering skipping the Oscars, but Meghan is eager to return to the Hollywood scene – says the informant.

Harry will soften at Meghan’s suggestions?


What DMs do we get from celebrities?


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