Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Leaks from their biography will cause a storm

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle planned to reveal who in the royal family was making racist comments about their then unborn son Archie. Ultimately, Meghan decided that revealing the identities of these people would be extremely harmful to them.

The leaked epilogue to the Finding Freedom update features a series of dramatic confessions about Harry and Meghan, their relationship with the royal family, and the effects of the March interview with Oprah Winfrey. William is supposed to be “furious” and Meghan thought it was “cleansing” and “liberating”. A friend of the Duchess was also quoted as saying that a few months later the monarchy assumed “little responsibility” for her allegations.

Harry and Meghan repeatedly insisted that “Finding Freedom” was unauthorized. An updated edition with a new epilogue will be released next week.

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New information in the book “Finding Freedom”

Information appears in the leaks of the new edition of the book that members of the royal family were pleased that Meghan was not at the funeral of Prince Philip, because they were afraid that he would “do a spectacle”. Prince Charles was reluctant to talk to Harry.

The book also reported that the courtiers lied to the media about not awarding Archie the title of prince, claiming that the couple actually wanted it.

The authors also comment on Harry’s financial situation in the run-up to Megxit, judging that the couple would not have survived without the inheritance of his mother Diana.

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In addition, more than a year after deciding to leave the royal family, the couple felt that the courtiers were deliberately revealing information intended to discredit them.

Updating a controversial biography is sure to set off a storm. Meghan was supposed to personally contact one of the authors to see if everything was okay after he was about to face hate on social media.

However, Harry and Meghan’s lawyers distance themselves from Finding Freedom. They say that the book is unauthorized and the authors “do not speak for their clients and appear to be relying on unknown sources”.

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