Prince Harry will fly from Lilibet to Scotland? Queen Elizabeth will finally meet her granddaughter

On June 4, another great-granddaughter of Queen Elizabeth was born. Daughter Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, received two names – Lilibet Diana. While the middle name clearly refers to Harry’s mother, Princess Diana, the former may raise some doubts. Happy parents explained that it is a tribute to the Queen – this diminutive was addressed to the monarchs for years by the closest family members, including the husband – Prince Philip.

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In the past two months, there had been no opportunity for Queen Elizabeth to meet her newborn granddaughter. Until now, she had only seen her through the webcam during an internet conversation. As reported by “New Idea”, the situation will change because Prince Harry has accepted his grandmother’s invitation to Balmoral.

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Prince Harry will fly from Lilibet to Scotland. Queen Elizabeth will finally meet her great-granddaughter

Queen Elizabeth is currently resting at her Balmoral vacation mansion with other members of the royal family. As reported by “New Idea”, Prince Harry was invited for a family vacation. The grandson of the monarch responded to the invitation, which shocked the other “royals”.

The tabloid informant claims that Prince Harry will come to visit his grandmother without a wife.

Queen Elizabeth, according to the informant “New Idea”, invited Prince Harry and his family to the holiday estate to try to reconcile with them after all the events that undoubtedly had a negative impact on their mutual relations.

Unfortunately, despite the outstretched hand of consent by Queen Elizabeth, Prince Harry cannot count on a reduced fare, even on the part of his brother.

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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle

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