Prince William was flirting with Britney Spears ?! What is known about this?

Prince William was looking for an ideal woman with whom he could create a lasting relationship. Before he met Kate Middleton, he had had several partners, but he had never felt a stronger affection for any of them. Among the potential candidates for a wife there were, among others Britney Spears with whom he flirted. What is known about their relationship?

Prince William met Princess Kate still in college. At first they were not united by a passionate feeling, but they liked to spend time together and they became friends. Only as time passed did they realize that they are in love with each other. It seemed that they would be together forever, but grandson Queen Elizabeth decided to end this relationship. Middleton didn’t let go that easily and she fought for the love of her life. After much effort, the heir to the British throne decided to give her another chance.

William knows how a broken heart hurts because he has had several unsuccessful relationships to his credit. In the past, he met, among others With Olivia Hunt, Arabella Musgrave if Carly Massy-Birch. The man also sighed at the sight of the pop stars that made him blew his head.

Prince William flirted with Britney Spears

Royalty he is reluctant to bring to light his stories from the past, especially those that are embarrassing to them. However, it is done for them by royal biographers who, both in the pages of their books and in interviews for popular tabloids, reveal the flavors of their lives.

Christopher Andersen decided to relate for the first time that Prince William had flirted with Britney Spears. But he couldn’t remember if they had ever met. They were certainly in contact by phone.

They tried to meet when they were young … There may have been phone calls, but I do not remember that they ever managed to meet during this period – he confessed in an interview with Us Weekly.

This information was also confirmed by the person concerned. In 2002, she admitted that they corresponded with each other and planned a meeting, which, despite their willingness, did not take place.

The royal biographer admitted that the next object of the queen’s grandson’s sighs was Lauren Bush, granddaughter of the president George Bush. He also exchanged messages with her via the Internet. These advances also did not bring much to Prince William’s life.

He also had a similar cyber relationship with Lauren Bush, President Bush’s model and niece, Andersen added.

Do you think the relationship between the Duke and Britney Spears would stand the test of time?

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