Princess Leonor’s favorite fruit is filling, burns fat and helps care for teeth

Princess Leonor follows a healthy diet and one fruit has become her favorite. It is packed with healthy properties and is perfect for eating on its own as well as in sweet and savory recipes.

If Queen Letizia (50) has tried to instill something in her children Princesses Leonor (18) and Sofia (16) since childhood, it is that she loves to do something. healthy eating habits. Doña Letizia influenced meal changes in her daughter’s school cafeteria and was always aware that wherever they went, they were taken care of. Sometimes young women skip this diet when they are on a different plan. But generally, there are many healthy foods that should be part of your daily routine. Among them, they have some favorites.

Recently it was reported Princess Leonor and Princess Sofia are both big fans of matcha. This was revealed by Queen Letizia. Worked at BioCultura At one of the stalls she stopped at, she had a drink and explained that it wasn’t for her, it was for her daughters. But that’s not the only thing known about the heiress’s tastes.Leonor also has her favorites when it comes to meals A fruit that really stands out at this time of year. It’s about Apple.

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