priority responses against expensive bills, flat tax and quota 41

Key points in the agenda of the future executive are indicated “the revision of citizenship income, the cutting of bureaucracy, the unblocking of construction sites and the enhancement of sectors such as agriculture, fishing and tourism”.

The federal council then confirmed a

Matteo Salvini

full mandate to continue the work with the allies to give Italy a political government that lives up to expectations. It can be read in the final note that unanimously approved the party’s priorities. Salvini recalled that “the League has men and women of value who can hold positions of great responsibility”.

Lega aims at Internal, Reforms, Agriculture and Mit –

Interior Ministry, Ministry of Reforms in terms of autonomy, Agriculture and Infrastructure and Transport. According to what is learned from sources of the Northern League on the sidelines of the federal council meeting, these are the wishes expressed by the League in the context of the formation of the new government. “There was no mention of names,” assures those who attended the summit.

Giorgetti: “Salvini is a natural candidate for the Interior Ministry” –

However Giancarlo Giorgetti, to journalists who asked him for a list, replied that for the Interior Ministry “Salvini seems a natural candidate” to him.

“Close the season of technicians” –

During the federal council the future scenarios were hypothesized, the excellent work of the governing League reaffirmed, the need to bring “good politics” back to the center, thus closing the season of the technicians.

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