Priscilla Alcantara Covers Beyoncé’s “Listen” at PocCast

Last night (22), the singer and presenter Priscilla Alcantara was the guest of the day at PocCastpresented by Lucas Guedez and Rafa Uccman. The chat, which lasted just over two hours, had several interesting moments; including one where the artist released her gogó and made a very tuned cover of “listen“, gives Beyonce. Check out the result in the video below:

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She rocked it, didn’t she? Elsewhere in the conversation, Priscilla recalled two different moments with the singer anita! The first of them was in a virtual way, in which the owner of the hit “To involve” defended Pri of a mean comment made by a hater.

I was very moved. I said: ‘how can someone from afar, who doesn’t even know me, manage to have this perception of me, while there are so many people, who should be my brothers from the community of faith, and they talk shit about me?’“, said Priscilla.

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Anitta is a fan of Priscilla Alcantara

Then, she told about the face-to-face meeting she had with anita at the home of influencer GKay. “[Ela] I sang the entire lyrics of the songs on my new album and I was like ‘what do you mean?’! I was very happy, I thought it was very cute“, said Priscilla.

Then she added: “it’s really cool when people that big, who are already in such high places, endorse other people and enjoy doing it; and I saw that she does it from the heart“.

Watch the excerpts below:

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