Prisma investigation, Cherubini against Paratici: ‘Fortunately we stopped’. Chiellini’s message in the team chat: ‘don’t talk to the press about it’

Luckily… in the light of recent visits we have stopped“. These are the words of the sports director Federico Cherubs to Stefano Bertolaat the time financial director and executive of the Juventus responsible for the preparation of corporate accounting documents. Words that come from the interceptions of the financial police and are reported this morning by the Corriere della Sera. The date is 22 July 2021, ten days after the start of Consob’s inspection of the Juventus company, regarding the capital gains.

On the context of the dialogue, again the Courier: “The environmental interception and the investigations by the military of the economic and financial police nucleus of the Yellow Flames will then reconstruct the entire context: in the dialogue – it is argued in the proceedings – Cherubini says that we must stop making capital gains like this because, after Marotta’s farewell, Paratici no longer had a financial hat that could stop him. Moral: the director would always have told the then head of the technical area that it was necessary to change strategy, because their job was to find talents, enhance them and then sell them, making healthy capital gains. In short, if they had made healthy capital gains at home they would no longer have been made of artificial ones. As, it can be deduced, those recorded in previous seasons had instead been ”.

The other strand of the investigation is that which concerns the cut in salaries in the period of Covid. Salary maneuver that for the deputy prosecutor Marco Gianoglio and the prosecutors Mario Bendoni and Ciro Santoriello would be part of a delinquent strategy. “Details emerge on the negotiations between clubs and players, on salaries. Like when Chiellini, as captain, told his teammates to rest assured: the next day a different release from the one agreed would be issued, do not talk about it with the press. The announced waiver of 4 months was reduced to one. Then there are the almost 20 million euros that – according to the Prosecutor’s office – the company still owes to Ronaldo and that would never have been recorded in the financial statements ”.

On the salary issue, to provide further details this morning is Republic: “The situation is minus 177 million euros»Informed the president Andrea Lambs in an email dated February 20, 2020, «corrective maneuvers will be required“. Less than a month later, the pandemic offers the “shield” behind which to implement the first of two “salary maneuvers” – in which Ronaldo’s card also appears – designed to settle the accounts. That these are not crystal clear actions is evident for the investigators, who find the proof of the scam in a chat of the players on Whatsapp. “Guys rest assured, I go to the president and sign a guaranteeGiorgio Chiellini would have reassured on March 28, 2020, warning his comrades that a press release “different” from what was agreed, for “stock market issues”, would later be released. Also inviting them “not to talk about it” with journalists. The players had officially agreed to reduce salaries by removing four months’ salary (bringing a saving of 90 million) but on the basis of the agreements reached, Juventus committed to pay three in the following years. In the second maneuver, on the other hand, with side letters, signed by Paratici with 17 players, they agreed on the forms with which to return everything: a severance pay in case the player changes team, a loyalty bonus (loyalty bonus) if he remained in black and white. But there would be clear differences between the agreements, those found by investigators hidden in law firms and those filed with the Lega “.

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