Prisma, the unprecedented province in a history of formation premiered in Locarno and from 21 September on Prime Video

An unprecedented or almost unprecedented province for cinema and television in a coming-of-age story with literary references and rigorous attention to the credibility of dialogues and characters. Prisma, exclusively on Prime Video from 21 September, told by authors and performers at the premiere of the series at the Locarno Film Festival 2022.

On the shores of Swiss Lake Maggiore, directly from an unprecedented province. Prism is a new signed television series Prime Videowhere will the next 21 September, “In over 240 countries and territories around the world”, as they like to say in those parts. The first two episodes (out of eight) were presented in world premiere at the Locarno Film Festival. A training series with literary ambitions, written by Ludovico Bessegato And Alice Urcioloformerly with Cross Productions authors of Skam Italia.

Prism it’s a series in eight episodes, which revolves around the complex relationship between the identity, aspirations, physical appearance and sexual orientation of a group of Latina teenagers. The protagonists of the story are two twins, Marco And Andrew (interpreted by Mattia Carrano), apparently identical but profoundly different in the anxieties they express. “Their journey of self-discovery will be joyful and turbulent together and will equally involve their large group of friends, all looking for their place in an ever-changing world.”

Prism is headed by Ludovico Bessegatowritten by Ludovico Bessegato And Alice Urciuoloand interpreted by Mattia Carrano, Lorenzo Zurzolo, Caterina Forza, Chiara BordiLXX Blood, Matteo Scattaretico, Zakaria Hamza, Riccardo Afan de Rivera Costaguti, Flavia del Prete, Asia Patrignani, Elena Falvella Capodaglio, Andrea Giannini, Nico Guerzoni.

This time we wanted to make an original series, all of our own, ambitious and rooted in Italy ”, as he said Bessegato meeting the public a Locarno. “Skam was a Norwegian format, which told with an almost documentary style one character at a time, this time we used that experience for a story that in our ambitions should develop over several seasons. We experimented, by inserting a montage with time jumps, music used in a very important way from an expressive point of view. We met many young people, putting to good use five years of work with them. Talking with the very young is beautiful, they are full of energy, they face dynamics that adults only arrive later. In Prisma we face the theme of gender identity, showing the difficulties of young people to be forced into certain labels. We always start from reality, nothing comes from our imagination. We do not invent, but we choose to represent situations that can represent a positive inspiration ”.

If the setting is Latina and surroundings, in the places of origin of Alice Urciolothe idea came to her, meeting a “transgender girl met at university, turned poet. She had a brother and it was from that that the idea to tell the story came story of two twins. We could have had a person identical to Andrea who represents what he would like to be, but unfortunately he is not ”. As he said Bessegato, “Latina was a little known place that could surprise the public. It has endless greenhouses just outside the city, an unexpected skyscraper, the rationalist architecture of the center and a surprising suburb. It allowed us to tell the story of the province, but with different atmospheres from the Italian province that we all know. Latina has no historical center, it has an elusive identity, it was founded less than a century ago, there are older people than the city they live in ”.

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