Pro-family relief 2022. Many families will not get money next year

Pro-family relief 2022. What will change?

The pro-family tax relief allowed families to recover their tax refunds. So far, parents could deduct a child allowance in the amount of PLN 1,112, and for two children it was PLN 2,224. Similarly – for the third PLN 3336, and so on.

This is a large injection of cash, so it’s no wonder that parents have been waiting for this money from the first days of the new year. Such a reimbursement was possible even if the tax paid by the parents did not cover the full amount of the allowance. The pro-family allowance for a child was related only to the amount of ZUS and health contributions paid. When it was higher or equal to the tax relief in the tax declaration, the deduction was calculated in full.

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From the new year, the Polish Deal program is introduced. It will bring a lot of change. One of them is the tax exemption up to the income of 30 thousand. PLN per year. This is seemingly good news for the poorest parents. Seemingly, because it will mean that the employee earning the lowest national income will not have withholding tax advances. Only social contributions will be taken into account.

Social contributions would have to be equal to or higher than the pro-family allowance 2022. For people earning the lowest national income, it is impossible.

Pro-family relief 2022. Parents seemingly will get more

At the moment, the poorest people have an income tax of PLN 167 per month. This is what they receive with their tax return. From 2022, these people will earn PLN 167 net per month more. When submitting a tax return, the majority will not get the full child tax credit because they will not meet the conditions for obtaining it.


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