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The undersigned eco-cultural association “Pan Assoverdi Salvanatura”, recognized since 1995 as a “voluntary body”, pursuant to state law 266/1991, LR Campania 9/1993, provided that, in respect of democratic pluralism, it has always nurtured – in the past – feelings of esteem, admiration, sympathy for the elderly and expert Friulian journalist Tony Capuozzo, 73 – former war correspondent in the Falkland Islands, in the former Yugoslavia, in Somalia, Afghanistan, etc. – means the following.

CONSIDERING that the gratuitous and surreal statements (on the lines of the Kremlin press releases) made by the former deputy director of TG5 – on the evening of 4 April 2022, on the Rete 4 television show “Quarta Repubblica”, hosted by Nicola Porro – to cast doubts on the Bucha massacre, carried out by Russian soldiers in Ukraine, although corroborated by the EU, by officials of the Criminal Court of The Hague, by dozens of eyewitnesses, by the world’s mass media and by satellite images, published from the “New York Times”, have provoked the indignation of their own members and of large sections of public opinion on the island of Ischia.

NOTING that, eleven years ago, Mr. Capuozzo won the “Ischia Prize for Journalism 2011″ (already awarded to Peter Arnett, Paolo Mieli, Mario Orfeo, Giovanni Floris, Paolo Graldi, Giovanna Botteri, Diego Bianchi, Franca Leosini, etc.). A trophy intended for prestigious professionals, who have always honored deontological values ​​”at the service of objective truth, correct information, civic and socio-cultural progress of the community”.

CONSIDERING that the repeated statements (unverified, as in the case of the Mariupol theater massacre) mentioned above – harshly stigmatized, in “real time”, by the former deputy Daniele Capezzone, also a guest on the Rete4 program – create embarrassment and bewilderment for the category of journalists (if the Ukrainians were able to falsify such iconic images, they would deserve the Oscar award for special effects!) and constitute a devastating message for the younger generations, who saw in Capuozzo “a role model of high credibility”




the revocation of the “Premio Ischia”, conferred – in June 2011 – to Mr. Tony Capuozzo, as “special correspondent”, since the orientations revealed by the journalist-writer on 4-4-22 contrast with the principles which inspire the recognition, promoted by the Valentino Foundation.

Ischia, 6 April 2022

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