Problems in Portugal. Doctors are leaving public hospitals

According to a report published by the Central Office of Health Service (ACSS) on Tuesday, mass physicians left Portuguese hospitals between May 1 and October 31.

Doctors go to private clinics

ACSS points out that there are especially many internists among the medics who quit working in public institutions. Most of them started working in private clinics.

Commentators on the Observador radio say that the main reason for doctors leaving the public health service is not so much better wages as fewer patients admitted.

Massive departures of doctors from state hospitals took place after May 1, 2021, i.e. after the lifting of the state of emergency in Portugal. Under its provisions, doctors could not terminate contracts with public health institutions.

In Portugal, the Covid-19 pandemic has worsened since October. On Tuesday, Prime Minister Antonio Costa announced that the government would not rule out the introduction of new sanitary restrictions, but stressed that no decision would be made before Thursday.

Beds are missing

According to the weekly “Expresso” and the Observador radio station, medical associations also indicate that increasing difficulties in hospitals lead to a lack of care for people with Covid-19 symptoms for more than three months after the patient’s discharge from the medical facility.

The phenomenon is confirmed by the authorities of the Portuguese Medical Chamber (OM). They indicate that while the most severe cases of long-term coronavirus infection can be treated in the country’s largest hospitals, mainly located in Lisbon and Porto, people with less severe symptoms are referred to health centers. OM points out that these institutions do not have the conditions to treat such cases.

So far, in Portugal, population 10 million, there are only a few departments specialized in the treatment of long-term symptoms of Covid-19. These units are located mainly in the capital agglomeration.

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