Problems with T-Mobile? It’s because of the biggest hacker attack in history

Many T-Mobile subscribers complained yesterday about problems with the lack of coverage and access to the Internet. It turns out that this was not the result of an internal failure, but the largest hacker attack directed against a mobile operator.

T-Mobile was “honored” to be the victim of the biggest hacker attack

Yesterday was full of problems for T-Mobile network users. The failures reported via mainly concerned the lack of coverage and problems with the Internet connection.

T-Mobile downdetector - crashes

As T-Mobile claims, the source of the problems was not an internal network failure, but a hacker attack – and not just any. According to the operator, it was the largest attack directed at the network operator in Poland. More specific information was not given, but thanks to the quick reaction of the security teams, the “losses” were minimized to the limit.

The systems crucial for the functioning of the network were not at risk, but all were T-Mobile customer data is safe. The only problems were the previously mentioned difficulties with access to the network and the Internet.

Although the operator repulsed the attack – reports of failure are still appearing today, but in a much smaller number.

Have you had, or maybe you still have, a problem with T-Mobile? Let me know in the comments.

Source: T-Mobile

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