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The Municipal Councilor Luigi Primario shared: “In the splendid setting of the Belvedere di San Leucio, a World Heritage Site, the Anci Campania Regional Assembly and the ANCI Giovani Campania Regional Assembly were held, of which I am a member of the Executive. Our moment of meeting analysed, at first, the dynamics of tourism of the whole Region, from the internal areas to the coastal areas up to Procida 2022 – Italian Capital of Culture, an exciting result narrated by the mayor Dino Ambrosino. Councilor Lucia Fortini then anticipated various initiatives that she will put in place for the Youth Policies of our territories. I thank the President Stefano Lombardi, for the passion and stubbornness in coordinating our group born a few months ago, which however has already achieved some important results. I thank my colleagues, young administrators from every part of Campania and from every political alignment, for the discussion and the willingness to give the best for our municipalities. This is because young people today do not feel the need to be represented, but to represent, that is, to participate in the decision-making process. The world of young people is part of society. We are a community.”

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