Procida stage for Diego Di Dio with “Last Blood” – Il Golfo 24

Thursday 4 August at 7.30 pm in Piazza Marina Grande stage of Diego Di Dio’s Italian tour for the presentation of his book “Ultimoangue”. Author, editor and literary agent, Di Dio graduated in law from Federico II in Naples, with a thesis on the publishing market, then attended the Oblique school for editorial editors in Rome

Founder of the literary agency Saper Scrivere (, he is also director of the Spettri series for the Alter Ego publishing house. He has published, with the Giallo Mondadori, the short stories “The twelve apostles”, “The song of the seagulls” (honorable mention at the 2014 Cattolica crime story) and “The dog man”. For Delos Digital, he has published the short stories “Royal Scale”, “The Girl in the Rain”, “The Superhero”, “We Are Revenge”.

Over time, he has won the following prizes: Mario Casacci (Orme Gialle) with the short story “La Signora”, the WMI prize with “There is still time”, the Black Prize with the short story “Il coltellaio” and, for the second time, the WMI award with the short story “The trampoline”. He also won the School of Comics award for best screenplay with the short story “Io sono il tempo”.

“Fore Morra” (Fanucci, 2017) is his debut novel. He teaches writing and publishing, and his online courses are attended by half a thousand students throughout Italy.

“Last Blood” is a noir novel, the sequel to “Fore Morra”, published with Fanucci a few years ago and which had considerable critical and sales success. The Plot: “Alisa and Buba are two professional hit men. They work shoulder to shoulder in Naples where a taciturn war between two criminal empires takes place. When Don Luigi and his son Gabriele are brutally killed, however, everything changes. Donna Teresa, now a widow and thirsty for revenge, hires the two killers to put an end, once and for all, to the whole affair. The crime boss has a mission for them: to find and kill Don Pasquale’s daughter, responsible for hatching the plan that led to the extermination of her family. In this world of corruption, made up of weapons and prone to betrayal, Alisa and Buba move, who in the meantime have to deal with a past from which they would like to do nothing but escape. Because they are not just killers. They are two survivors. And in a reality devoured by hate and consumed by an uncontrollable desire for power, they know they can only trust each other. But will it be enough? One last mission, one last revenge, one last blood ”.


“Last blood”, even if it was released recently, is already enjoying considerable success at national level and has won the literary prize “Garfagnana in giallo” for best thriller plot.


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