producer defends Mel Gibson despite controversies

Albert Hughes, one of the executive producers of the Continental (the series derived from the universe John Wick), insisted on defending Mel Gibson despite the controversy.

Let’s say that between the two hundred Fast & Furiousthe fifteen Impossible missionthe twelve thousand Star Wars and other Marvel productions with multiple spin-off projects, Hollywood likes to stretch its franchises to the inevitable breaking point. Also, it would have been surprising if the big American machine did not seek to capitalize as much as possible on one of its most lucrative franchises.

With just over $1 billion in revenues from all over the world, John Wick has effectively established itself as one of the most profitable stocks of the last decade, so much so that John Wick 5 has already been confirmed by Lionsgate, and two spin-offs are about to see the light of day: the film Ballerina with Ana de Armas in the lead role, and the series The Continentalworn by Mel Gibson.

Mad mel

If the news obviously delighted aficionados of the universe created around Baba Yaga, some expressed more reluctance upon discovering the involvement of the former Mad Max in the project. Indeed, the actor has seen his public image tarnished following a series of controversies as diverse as they are varied. Nevertheless, producer Albert Hughes insisted on the relevance of this casting choice in the columns of TVLine :

“I focused more on the films I saw growing up, on the exciting performances in Lethal Weapon, or even Mad Max 2, my bedside film. It has this quality that I find in other actors, like Shia LaBeouf, Tom Cruise, Tom Hardy… When I see them play a role, I believe in it. I can watch Shia in Transformers and get invested in the diegesis of the film.”

The Continental : Photo Mel Gibson“Wait and see”

“And the same goes for Mel Gibson. The issues in his personal life are none of my business. I’m just trying to do my job, and get along with someone who knows what they’re doing both in front and behind the camera. He fits the role perfectly. The character is freewheeling, and it’s fun. That’s all.”

Clearly, we have seen better in the advocacy department. Indeed, it is perhaps a tad ill-advised to call for separation between Man and artist these days. For those whose The Continental would have despite everything aroused curiosity, the series will be broadcast from September 22 on the Prime Video platform.

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