Prof killed in Melito (Naples), a school worker arrested

The teacher killed while pupils and teachers were teaching? –

Toscano was found lifeless on Tuesday evening in the middle school courtyard. If the time when he stopped answering his cell phone were to match that of the attack, the teacher would be killed between 12 and 12.30, while pupils and teachers were teaching. A shocking but plausible hypothesis.

On the body signs of stab wounds

– On the victim’s body, discovered in a bush, behind a hut, the carabinieri found the signs of several stab wounds and blood traces, perhaps even of the murderer. Other traces have been found in the hut. The video surveillance of the school would only partially cover the area of ​​the discovery but it is not excluded that the cameras of some shops may have recorded images useful for the investigations.

Traces of blood on the clothes of the alleged murderer

– Traces of blood were found by the carabinieri on some garments seized from the home of the school employee under arrest. The Arma soldiers, coordinated by the Naples North Prosecutor’s Office, collected images of the video surveillance systems present in the area surrounding the crime scene.

The body found after the report of the son –

There has been no news of the 64-year-old since the middle of Tuesday morning, and when, in the evening, he did not return home, the victim’s son showed up at the carabinieri barracks in nearby Mugnano at 19.25: after the report of his disappearance the searches started and between 9 pm and 9.30 pm the daughter identified her father’s car near the school and called the barracks in Mugnano. The military had the guards open the gates and inspected all the premises, internal and external, discovering the body in the flowerbed.

Throughout the day witnesses were heard, in the barracks, looking for useful information, up to

turning point

with the arrest of the school assistant.

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