#Profile | HER: 25 years of well-deserved praise

Gabriella Sarmiento Wilson, artistic name HER, celebrates her 25th birthday this Monday, June 27th. Hailed as one of the best R&B artists of recent years, her discography testifies to a melodic, genuine and talented profile. She is a singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. In the midst of it all, singles as “Could’ve Been”, “Slide” and “Focus” further enhance its prestige.

The childhood of the American artist began with the rhythms and swings of music. She quickly learned to handle and do magic with musical instruments, growing up close to the band. covers of Father. He showed to be agile on piano, guitar, drums, bass and already composed poems and verses. She did not go unnoticed by the artistry and pure emotion of the vocalist’s singing.


At the age of ten, he marked the performance debut on the television show The Today Show. She already sang (and enchanted) with a chilling interpretation of “If I Ain’t Got You” (2003) by Alicia Keys. Confident and serene in the potential of her singing, she received several invitations to participate in television and even in the theater. From there, she began the path to stardom.

Heading into the spotlight, the singer signed her first record deal at age 14. With solid influences from Bryson Tiller, Drake, The Weeknd and Jhené Aiko, she dropped the child star and defined herself as HER – an acronym for “Having Everything Revealed”. She has found a name and a place in the industry.

the first EPHER Vol 1 (2016), already revealed the vocalist’s raw and mature harmonies, but did everything very discreetly. The project’s cover only revealed the silhouette. Even in interviews and performances, she maintained a mysterious presence.

This secrecy transcended and a greater curiosity emerged. After all who carried this gift? Always wearing sunglasses, the curls of her hair covered part of her mysterious face, even in dimly lit spaces. All with the intention of making people fall in love with his voice. Only that. I wanted them to focus on and relate to the honesty and power of the messages in their songs.

The enigmatic artist was even cheered on by Alicia Keys, Rihanna and Janet Jackson. Since her debut, she has won multiple awards and, so far, has 25 platinum and gold certifications. Incidentally, the final compilation HER (2017) and the hit single multiplatinum “Best Part” (2017), with Daniel Caeser, highlighted the vocalist in the musical universe with her first two Grammys.

In addition to performer, HER is active in the struggle for equality, social and racial justice in the context of the movement Black Lives Matter. The deep and frank “I Can’t Breathe” (2020) starred in many protests and the ceremony Grammys Awards awarded this song as Song of the Year and the respective video also won two Video Awards for the Good of MTV EMAS and MTV VMAS in the same year of release.

Preceded by other compilations, the recent studio album, Back Of My Mind (2021), gives evidence of a refined growth and taste. This album consolidates its acoustic intensity and complex sounds along with the intimate and vulnerable lyricisms so characteristic of HER. They are firm, temperamental and moving tracks that daydream in the imperturbable evolution of the singer.

HER is a true soul of soul and blues mixed with arrangements trap and unique chords. With continuous praise, the vocalist’s excellence will collect more years on stage. The nature of the upcoming productions is unknown, but there is a guarantee that the vocalist will continue to gather more awards and deserved recognition. Above all, HER will celebrate the best of her talent with each song.

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