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The Guadiamar River at the height of the channel in Jarena (Seville) in April.
The Guadiamar River at the height of the channel in Jarena (Seville) in April.Fermin Cabanillas (EFE)

Some hotels have started asking their guests to shower every four minutes (as they do at home, probably) to save water. Although droughts come and go, it is likely that global warming will increase the frequency and intensity of this event for at least the next few decades, so any strategy that reduces water use, such as a Bayer rice production Wants to apply in is welcome and attractive for investment. The Pictet Water Fund, which specialized in companies related to water and its management, has offered an annualized return of 8.83% over the past five years.

Only the African population, which continues to grow, is already doing so more and more slowly, so that in a few decades world demographic decline will follow. This would reduce the needs for food and water, but also the labor force to get resources from the land. An increasingly efficient administration is put in place, and the watchful eye of the investor will seek out the companies that do it best.

The Social Security problem is deeply and unfortunately true.

The Minister of Inclusion and Social Security, Jose Luis Escriva, said on Wednesday that it is a “deception” that you have to make an appointment with Social Security to participate … which is on their own website or posted posters. Says in the offices. Nor is it easy to make an appointment over the phone or the Internet. It is clear there is a problem, and thus it has been defended by the unions, who have called for a strike on 7 September. Whether due to personnel crunch or the way work is organised, as they say, or due to the excessive bureaucracy citizens are subjected to, it is imperative to address the dire condition of an important daily body.

Food prices still out of control, albeit slightly

Like a frog in a pot that remains warm until cooked, inflation continues to warm the pockets of citizens, who bear on the basis of savings and gradually reduce their consumption of non-essential goods, until demand falls. from your Magic And finally stabilize the prices.

Rates for food continued to rise in April compared with a year earlier, although they did so slightly more slowly than in March: 12.9% compared to 16.5%. Yes, in relative terms it is a “sharp recession”, as the government says, but those words, while technically correct, sound precocious to the civilian ear when the price of commodities such as sugar is about 50 percent higher than 12 months ago. % is higher.

phrase of the day

“Russia’s defeat in Ukraine will not derail China. Beijing will know how to exploit it geopolitically”

Josep Borrell, EU High Representative for Foreign Policy

Musk admits he’s not very good at nabbing advertisers

Linda Yacarino, until now head of advertising for NBCUniversal Media Group, will be Twitter’s new CEO. It’s quite a declaration of intent: Elon Musk makes it clear that the challenge of the social network is no longer so much technical (assuming he has already dealt with it), as it is to generate income; A problem that, by the way, was chronic on the Little Blue Bird platform even before Tesla’s founder disbanded. Yacarino’s election shows that the commitment to pay accounts is not working very well. The competition to attract advertisers will become even more fierce in the scenario of recession, or at least stagnation, which is expected in the short term. And Musk thus acknowledges that this is not what he is best at.

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