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What’s on TV tonight? There TV Guide for Thursday 6 October 2022 to the programs, films and TV series of the first evening, it starts from the first 9 channels. Immediately after you will find what’s on TV tonight divided by type between film and TV series, pay and free and then between show and sport.

This evening Thursday 6 October 2022 on Rai 1 there is Imma Tataranni – Deputy Prosecutor, on Canale 5 Grande Fratello Vip, on Rai 2 the in-depth analysis of Tg2 Post challenges Dritto and Rovescio on Rete 4 and Piazzapulita on La7; while on Rai 3 the first part of the miniseries Flesh and Blood and on Italia 1. Appointment with X Factor and the first episode of Audition on Sky Uno, space also for football with Lazio, Rome and Fiorentina engaged in the Europa League and Conference League. Here are all the details for tonight:

Rai 1
17:45 Live Life
18:45 Chain reaction
8:00 pm Tg1
20:30 Usual Unknowns
21:25 Imma Tataranni 2 × 07 1st tv
23:40 Door to door

Rai 2
18:50 Hawaii Five-0
19:35 Blue Bloods
20:25 The College 7
20:30 Size 2
21:00 Tg2 Post
23:00 Cattelan is there tonight

Rai 3
19:30 TG R.
8:00 pm Blob
20:20 Via dei Matti n.0
20:40 The Horse and the Tower
20:50 A Place in the Sun
21:25 Flesh and Blood 1 × 01-02 1st tv
23:05 Cuttlefish bones
00:00 Night line

Channel 5
18:50 Free fall
8:00 pm Tg5
20:30 Strip The news
21:35 GF Vip 2022
1:45 Tg5

Italy 1
18:30 Open Studio
19:30 NCIS 3 × 09
20:30 NCIS: New Orleans 3 × 20
21:25 Red Sparrow
From the spy novel “Code Name: Diva” by Jason Matthews. Jennifer Lawrence as Dominika, a former Russian dancer turned seduction-trained spy
00:10 Self / Less – Film

Network 4
19:30 Love storm 1st tv
20:30 Countercurrent
21:25 Obverse and Reverse
00:55 Just don’t know around

18:45 Lingo
8:00 pm Tg La7
20:35 Half past eight
21:15 A clean sweep

Tv8 (Sky 125)
19:20 Celebrity Chef 1st tv
20:30 Pre Game
21:00 Hearts – Fiorentina
23:00 Post game
00:30 Third time

Nine (Sky 149)
19:30 Little Big Italy
20:30 Don’t forget the Lyrics 1a tv
21:35 Only Fun – Comedian Show
23:40 Empty to lose

TV Guide Thursday 6 October 2022 – TV series and films on TV tonight

Among the TV series of tonight in the TV guide Thursday 6 October 2022 on free-to-air TV or on Sky continue Resident Alien 2 on Rai 4, Modern Murder on Yellow a Spartacus on Sky Atlantic, Balthazar on Sky Investigation. Among the free-to-air films tonight Butch Cassidy.

The TV series in the clear

  • Rai 4 (ch. 21 dtt – 10 TivùSat) at 21:20 Resident Alien 2 × 03-04 1st tv
  • Rai Premium (ch. 25 dtt 15 TivùSat) at 21:20 The Ship of Dreams – Bora Bora
  • Yellow (ch. 38 dtt 167 Sky) at 21:10 Modern Murder two detectives in Dresden

The TV Series on Sky / Premium Channels

  • Sky Atlantic (ch. 110) 9.15 pm Spartacus Revenge 2 × 07-08
  • Sky Series (ch. 112) at 21:05 Baywatch 4 × 07-08
  • Sky Investigation (ch. 114) Balthazar 2 × 03-04

If you are looking for streaming TV series, here you will find our catalogs by platform:

  1. Netflix, click here for the catalog;
  2. Amazon Prime Video, click here for the catalog;
  3. Starzplay, click here for the catalog;
  4. Apple Tv +, click here for the catalog;
  5. TIMVISION, click here for the catalog
  6. Sky and NOW, click here for the catalog;
  7. Disney +, click here for the catalog.

Free-to-air movies

20 (ch. 20 dtt and TivùSat 151 Sky) at 9.15 pm The Dark Knight – The Return
last chapter of the Batman trilogy, blockbuster and critics. The Dark Knight returns to Gotham after 8 years of absence.

Iris (ch. 22 dtt, 11 Tivùsat 325 Sky) at 9.15 pm 58 Minutes to Die Harder
Sequel to “Crystal Trap”: now Bruce Willis, aka John McClane, will have to face a group of terrorists who put an airport out of use

Rai Movie (call 24 dtt 14 TivùSat) at 21:10 Butch Cassidy
Wyoming, late 1800s. Bandits Butch Cassidy and Harry Longbaugh are chased by a squad of executioners. The whole western epic with two stars at the peak of popularity. Four 1970 Oscars

Sky (ch. 26 dtt 19 Tivùsat 156 Sky) at 9.15 pm Kickboxer The new warrior
Kurt engages in grueling workouts every day to beat Tong Pong, the Thai kickboxing champion responsible for his brother’s infirmity. It won’t be easy at all, but Kurt is very determined and with his tenacity he will have the strength to overcome any obstacle.

TwentySeven (ch. 27 dtt and Tivùsat 158 ​​Sky) at 21:00 The Hangover 3
Third and final chapter of the saga. The inseparable friends on a mind-blowing journey that will bring them back to Las Vegas.

La5 (ch.30 dtt 12 Tivùsat 159 Sky) at 21:10 Oh mama! Here we go again
Sequel to the hit musical Mamma mia! based on Abba songs, set on the magical Greek island of Kalokairi.

Cine 34 (ch. 34 dtt and Tivùsat 327 Sky) at 21:05 But what does the brain tell us
A dull Ministry employee is actually a brilliant secret agent, a heroine who struggles against ordinary incivility.

Top Crime (ch. 39 dtt and TivùSat 168 Sky) at 21:10 Crime in the Jura 1a tv
Anna Buisson, captain of the gendarmerie in Moirans in the Jura, investigates the death of Rose Tournaut, a healer found dead at home and covered with white petals.

Italy 2 (ch. 49 dtt 16 TivùSat 175 Sky) at 21:20 Autopsy
Horror with Emile Hirsch. Two coroners from a morgue come across the body of a young woman. They will make disturbing discoveries.

Pay Sky / Premium movies

Sky Cinema One (ch. 301) 9.15 pm If you love me
Fausto Brizzi directs Claudio Bisio and Sergio Rubini in a bittersweet comedy. A depressed lawyer finds the solution to his dark evil when he walks into a strange shop (ITA 2019)

Cinema Two (ch. 302) 9.15 pm Marnie
Directed by Alfred Hitchcock for a psychological thriller starring Tippi Hedren and Sean Connery. A man delves into his wife’s past to discover the origins of his obsessions (USA 1964)

Sky Cinema Collection (ch. 303) 9.15 pm Inception
4 Oscars to Christopher Nolan’s visionary action with Leonardo DiCaprio. A man capable of entering into the dreams of others receives a delicate assignment from an industrialist (GBR / USA 2010)

Cinema Family (ch. 304) at 21:00 A daydream

The racism of post-war England is the backdrop to the story of a young cricket lover. To learn the art of this sport, David joins a Jamaican family (FRA / GER / GBR 2003)

Sky Cinema Action (ch. 305) at 21:00 Collateral
Tom Cruise and Jamie Foxx in a Michael Mann thriller. A killer kidnaps a taxi driver and forces him to accompany him through the streets of Los Angeles in search of his five victims (USA 2004)

Suspenseful cinema (ch. 306) at 21:00 Perfume Story of a murderer
The story of one of the craziest serial killers ever. Paris, 1700: Jean-Baptiste Grenouille, gifted with a very fine sense of smell, searches for the perfect perfume in the girls he kills (GER / SPA / FRA 2006)

Sky Cinema Romance (ch. 307) at 21:00 Magic Mike
Steven Soderbergh directs Channing Tatum and Matthew McConaughey in a comedy about the world of strippers. An entrepreneur turns into a transgressive stripper at night (USA 2012)

Cinema Drama (ch. 308) at 21:00 The Match The big match
Franco Nero in a film based on a true story. 1944: on the occasion of Hitler’s birthday, a Nazi elite soccer team challenges a team of prisoners from a concentration camp (HRV / USA 2021)

Comedy cinema (ch. 309) at 21:00 Fifty shades of black
From the producers of ‘Ghost Movie’ the parody of the blockbuster film. Shy student meets millionaire Christian Black and lets herself be guided into his world of vices and oddities (USA 2016)

Complete programming Rai, Mediaset, Sky, Discovery

Tonight on TV Thursday 6 October 2022 – Shows, Sports and documentaries

  • Rai 5 (ch. 23 dtt 13 TivùSat) 9.15 pm On stage – The lights of the Myth 2022
  • Real Time (ch. 31 dtt and TivùSat 160 Sky) at 21:20 I and …
  • Focus (ch 35 dtt 60 Tivùsat 414 Sky) 9.15 pm Enigmas revealed 2
  • DMAX (ch. 52 dtt, 28 TivùSat 170 Sky) at 20:30 Metal Detective
  • Mediaset Extra (ch. 55 dtt, 17 Tivùsat 163 Sky) Direct GF Vip
  • Sky One (ch. 108 Sat and 455 dtt pay) 9.15 pm X Factor 2022 Bootcamp 1st tv
  • Sky Art (ch 120/400 sat) 9.15 pm The End of the Roman Empire
  • Documentaries (ch 122/402) 9.15 pm Platoon – The true story
  • Nature (ch 124/404) 9.15 pm Wild mountains
  • Blaze (ch. 127) 9:00 pm Mountain Men
  • MTV (ch. 131) at 21:10 Teen Mom Young and Pregnant 3 × 18-19
  • Red shrimp (ch. 133) at 21:00 Fire 1st tv
  • Sport One 18:55 Sturm Graz – Lazio 21:00 Rome – Betis
  • Sky Sport Soccer 9:00 pm Arsenal – Bodo / Glimt
  • Sport Football 9:00 pm Hearts – Fiorentina

Movies, TV series, Documentaries always available in streaming on Netflix, Amazon, TIMVISION, NowTV / SkyOnDemand, Infinity

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