Prost: Alonso is currently the best driver in F1

2,674 days – this is how long it has been since Fernando Alonso’s last F1 podium. The two-time world champion, after seven years of drought, finally returned to the top three competitors, finishing third in the round at the Losail International Circuit.

The Spaniard did it in an amazing style, because he managed to finish the race one pit-stop, and you have to remember that he started Sunday’s struggles on a soft compound. Of course, he was helped by the virtual neutralization and puncture of Valtteri Bottas, but Alonso took advantage of this opportunity one hundred percent.

In the paddock, voices began to appear almost immediately that good old Fernando had returned to F1 permanently after a two-year hiatus. Alpine ambassador Alain Prost even claims that despite his 40-year-old age, he is still one of F1’s best drivers:

“For me, he is the best driver in the field right now. His overview of the racing situation is amazing. So is his tire inspection and the information he gives engineers about the car’s performance,” the former McLaren rider told Auto Motor und Sport.

Interestingly, Prost makes no secret that when Renault signed with Alonso last year, he was skeptical about working with him. That has changed this season, however:

“Fernando has told me many times that he has become a different person and I have to admit that he was right. He is completely committed to the team. We are very lucky to be with us.”

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