Protests against the Iranian regime are spreading

In the last week in Iran, the demonstrations for the death of Mahsa Amini, a 22-year-old woman who died in prison in Tehran after being arrested by the religious police for not wearing the veil correctly, have turned into something different: there are there were protests against the religious police itself, against the oppressions of the Iranian regime and against the supreme religious leader of the country, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei.

Despite the violent repression of the police – witnessed by images and videos that have circulated a lot despite an internet blockade in much of the country – the exceptional protests that had begun in Iranian Kurdistan (the western part of Iran, where Amini lived ) have extended to more than a hundred cities. According to civil rights groups and press testimonies, dozens of people who were participating in the protests were killed and hundreds more were arrested.

At the moment it is not possible to confirm much information independently. Some videos verified from Washington Post however, they show police officers firing on protesters and others using paint-firing weapons to identify people participating in the protests.

In some cases, even in the capital Tehran, police fired at the windows of houses. In Rasht, in the north of the country, the agents threw tear gas into the apartments, according to some testimonies collected by the New York Times. In some cases, protesters set fire to cars and billboards on the street.

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According to the director of NNS Roja news site in the province of Iranian Kurdistan, after days of clashes the protesters would have taken control of the city of Oshnavieh, in the north-west of the country, and the police would have withdrawn: some video they show hundreds of people marching through the city streets and chanting slogans calling for freedom.

One of the most repeated gestures of protest in recent days by Iranian women in the streets and squares has been to remove the veil: some have burned it and others have even cut their hair. Meanwhile, today dozens of students from Tehran University protested by singing the “Death to the Dictator” chorus addressed to Khamenei.

On Friday evening, the Iranian state media said that at least 35 people were killed in the protests, but for the NGO Iran Human Rights, which is based in Oslo (Norway), the dead would be at least 50. According to information released by the agency of printing Tasnim newssince the protests began, at least 739 people have been arrested, including 60 women, many of whom had taken off their veils in protest.

The NGO Committee to protect journalists, which deals with the protection of press freedom, wrote that they were arrested at least 11 journalists: among these also Niloofar Hamedi, reporter for the newspaper Sharghthe first to spread news on Amini’s case.

In recent days, protests have also been organized in front of Iranian embassies and consulates in other countries, including Lebanon, Germany, Turkey and Greece.

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