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The super-model has spent several times in favor of the rights of the LGBT community but is being the godmother at events sponsored by the Emir of Qatar’s family. Being committed to places like Qatar is an essential step towards positive change

LONDON – The British super-model Naomi Campbell ended up in the crosshairs of gay activists, accused of having lent her image to wash the reputation of Qatar, the Arab emirate where homosexuality is a crime and punished with three years in prison. Campbell in the past has spent several times in favor of the rights of homosexuals, but on Tuesday he was in Qatar at a gala dinner for the inauguration of an exhibition at the Museum of Islamic Art in Doha: and today be the godmother in a spectacular fashion event attended by over a thousand personalities from the world of entertainment, the arts, business and fashion.

The show sponsored by the sister of the Emir of Qatar, Sheika Al-Mayassa who has been promoting cultural and philanthropic events for years to credit a modern and tolerant image of the emirate. The event will serve to launch Naomi’s new global initiative, Emerge, which aims to empower the next generation of creative and entrepreneurial talent.

Campbell is not the only celebrity guest in Qatar these days: they are also there Janet Jackson (Michael’s sister singer) e Poppy Delevignethe British model (Cara’s sister) who attended the Arabia Fashion Award ceremony.

But on Naomi who have pinned the arrows of the gay community. She had signed in 2021 a letter in support of Ghana’s LGBT people and he had once said, referring to the famous designers who launched it in the 1990s, that if it weren’t for gay men, I wouldn’t exist. I owe my life to gays.

Because of this Nas Mohamed, the first Qatari to publicly declare himself gay, publicly argued: Naomi a global icon, while Qatar uses these platforms to wash its reputation. Is Naomi going to say something? A spokesperson for the model replied that being engaged in places like Qatar is an essential step towards positive change.

The emirate under the observation lens in view of the next soccer world cup: and already David Beckham had been criticized for agreeing to be a testimonial. But the controversy in London also overflows on a political level: the exit of Foreign Minister James Cleverly has raised doubts, according to which gay fans traveling to Qatar should show respect for local customs and exercise flexibility and compromise. Gary Lineker, the former ace of the England national team and today TV host, tweeted in response: Don’t do anything gay: is this the message?

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