Przemysław Wiśniewski’s father: The son is ready for a foreign transfer

Artur Szczepanik: Will you let your son join Legia Warsaw?

Jacek Wisniewski: – I won’t make any such statements from my lips. People know who I am – a boy from the street who has kicked the ball a bit and is cheering for Górnik Zabrze. It has not changed, and it will not change. Legia is a multiple Polish champion and it is a nice honor that he is interested in Przemek. Personally, however, I think that my son is ready to pick up these gloves and leave Poland. For now, however, he is a player of Górnik, with whom he has a contract until June and with whom he went to a camp in Turkey. Time will verify what will happen.

So is it possible that Przemek stays in Zabrze until the end of the season?

– It is known that if Górnik wants to earn something, he should let him go in winter. The son can already sign a contract from July with whomever he wants. If there are offers, the club will decide what to do. Everything is negotiable. Przemek has a good manager, Daniel Weber, who will surely manage his career well. The son is an adult and he will decide about his life himself. I can only tell him something.

The son has already outgrown his father in terms of sports?

– I think Przemek is better in terms of football than me. It’s also much faster. If it gives better “belts”, we can argue. But my head is as good as Daddy will never play it!

And you are similar in character?

– Not really. Przemek is not looking for problems on and off the pitch, just like I used to. It is calmer. It drives well, which of course doesn’t mean that I was driving badly! I think it can go to the representative level. If he gets the chance, I’m sure he will take advantage of it. And not only me. I listen to various experts on Tik-tok and those from the ball and from MMA. Sometimes they say things like this that make my head ache. I only occupy my time with these Tik-tokami.

Was it easier for your son because of your former fame?

– Be careful, because I want to emphasize it clearly – Przemysław Wiśniewski never rode on his father’s back! Sam has earned his position and his name with the game and years of training. He is a very hardworking boy. Nobody has the right to say that he played for Górnik, because the coach Marcin Brosz knew him from an early age. Or that he plays for Janek Urban, because his father also played with him in Górnik. You know what’s going on? If someone says so, it is very bad for me. And I heard that a lot when he started playing in seniors. I kept hearing – “and this is Jacek Wiśniewski’s son”. They said so, and I would prefer it to be like that – “that’s how Przemysław Wiśniewski plays”, because my son has already earned his own name.

But in a private and social sense, it was definitely easier in the club, since everyone there knew his father.

– On the contrary. It was harder. Neither Brosz nor Urban socialize with their players. They don’t have time for this. The sons of footballers have a hard time, as there are many examples. This is Darek Dźwigała, whose son Adaś was also in Górnik and he also had to listen that he was his father’s son.

Przemek was doomed to play football since he was a child?

– Only. Both he and his younger son Mateusz lived with the ball from morning to night. When Przemek got “Nike” boots from Darek Dźwigała, he didn’t take them off all day. He rode a bike in them or ran around the M1 center, when my wife and I took him shopping. He only took them off to sleep.

Mateusz also plays football?

– Not any more. He trained where Przemek was – in the Silesian Stadium with coach Robert Picuła. He didn’t do as well as his brother, though I think he was technically great. However, he chose boxing and, weighing up to 80 kg, was even the cadet champion of Silesia. So he also followed in my footsteps. Then he quit sports. He was 18 and an adult, so I didn’t interfere. He’s working now. He has a girlfriend, Patricia. There will be a wedding in May. And I will reveal that soon I will be grandpa Cherry!

If Przemek decides to go to a foreign club, will he be able to handle it?

– For sure. The most important thing is to find a club where he will be in the squad. I keep telling him that he still has time to earn good money. Now the most important thing is to choose a club well, so that he doesn’t have to come back to Poland in a moment, like many others.

Who is asking for it? There was talk of Udinese, Lokomotiv Moscow, Fehervar FC …

– You have to ask his manager. Daniel Weber knows that sometimes it’s better to take a step back and benefit from it later. They will definitely choose the right club together with their son.

Are you not afraid that Przemek may lead bad driving abroad without parental control? He is young and many footballers his age have squandered their careers by partying …

– It is not possible! He is a sensible young man. At the age of 22, he was the captain of Górnik. So young, and he could win the trust of his colleagues. I am calm about him, because he is not the type of person who would go to clubs and discos. When there is a party in the club, it goes, of course, but he is usually a driver and then drives others home by car. The son prefers to spend time with the girl and on walks with their dog.

Do you envy your son that in Górnik he has conditions for training and development that are much better than in your times?

– Well, the stadium is real Europe now. Before Christmas, I was visiting the club and I saw what cloakrooms they have. I remembered our cramped, with two tubs and a cafe, our little parking lot. And now? They run into the ground. They walk out of the car with a sachet. They have everything in the club. Just play. A lot has changed at the club, but the fans are the same. And I’m not saying this to get them into … because they know me. The stands are like in our times. When Górnik plays well, they carry them, and when they lose, they can “ride” with them. Sometimes you have to translate something to a footballer. This is the right of a fan.

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