PS Plus Spartacus getting closer? Sony is removing PS Now cards from the market and may be preparing a response to Game Pass

Sony may be getting ready to announce an expanded version of PS Plus, which will compete with the Xbox Game Pass. The company has started the process of removing PS Now cards from the British market, which suggests an important move by the Japanese corporation.

We wrote about PS Plus Premium for the first time in August, because at that time British Eurogamer spoke about the extensive Sony subscription offer. Bloomberg then revealed plans for “Spartacus”, a service that connects PS Plus with PS Now – According to Jason Schreier, the new form of PlayStation Plus is to make PlayStation Now shut down.

Sony has still not confirmed the leaks, but the corporation has just made a very important move. UK stores have received news that they have until January 21 to withdraw their PS Now cards from sale – thanks to them, users can gain access to the digital service.

UK GAME executives sent a message to affiliates to update systems and remove PS Now from the offer entirely.

There are many indications that we will soon hear about the new Sony proposal, which will in a way compete with the Xbox Game Pass. It is worth mentioning, however, that according to leaks – the Japanese do not intend to offer their first-party games on the premiere day in their service.

The expanded PS Plus is to offer a combination of PS Now and PS Plus with the catalog of PS5 and PS4 productions – the most expensive version of the subscription will also include classics from PS3, PS2, the first PlayStation and PlayStation Portable.

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