PS4 is to be produced throughout 2022. Sony does not give up the previous generation

The PS5 has been on the market for over a year, however Sony has no intention of abandoning PS4. Throughout 2022, more copies of the previous generation console will be prepared – this is a way to somewhat balance the problems with the development of PlayStation 5.

Players are still waiting for positions that specifically and fully exploit the potential of the PS5. Some games appeared as early as 2021, but it is no surprise that many development teams are still developing titles for two generations.

The situation may not change throughout 2022. As the Bloomberg editors point out, Sony continues to produce PlayStation 4. The new PlayStation is already on the market for good, but the difficulties in supply chains and the lack of free access to PS5 mean that the Japanese company has to react.

Trusted journalists’ sources say that The company has a plan to build around 1 million PS4s throughout 2022 and constantly bring devices to stores that use less advanced chips and are a reliable alternative to the PS5, being a cheaper proposition.

It is worth noting that the Japanese never officially announced when they would complete the process of creating more sets of older equipment, but it was assumed that the console would be abandoned by the end of 2021. The change in strategy could have been directly influenced by world events and problems with the supply of the new platform.


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