PS4: Over 30 Million Consoles in the USA, About One Third of the Total


Based on the data that emerged in these days, we can get an idea of ​​the distribution of PS4s across the various geographical areas, with North America having most of the installed base.

With the achievement of 100 million distributed consoles, PS4 has now entered history but it is also interesting to see how Sony consoles are distributed in the world, with North America alone representing a large part of the total with 30 million consoles sold, or about a third.

As reported by analyst Daniel Ahmad, also known as ZhugeEX in his role as an insider, most of the PS4s distributed in the world are found in the US, with 30 million consoles located in that territory. It is not easy to reconstruct the distribution in a precise manner but it is certainly the primacy of the United States regarding the sale of PS4.

The remarkable distribution also in Germany which counts 7.2 million consoles, surpassing even the United Kingdom with 6.8 million. Within all this, the almost understated result is astonishing compared to the rest of the PS4 world in Japan, where the Sony console has reached 8.3 million units distributed.

This also suggests to us that PS4 is a essentially Western- powered console, which is already affecting Sony’s internal production and will probably also affect the future.

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