PS5, New Controller With Haptic Feedback and Adaptive Triggers


Great innovations provided by Sony also for the new PS5 controller, which comes equipped with haptic feedback capable of producing a wider range of vibration and triggers with adaptive resistance.

Sony has also released the first information on the new controller planned for PS5, which apparently will use a system of haptic feedback and adaptive triggers.

Among the updates released by Sony on PS5 through the PlayStation blog, which concerned the release date of the new console, the management of ray tracing and the selective installation of games on the SSD hard disk, there is also an in-depth reference to the new console controller, apparently equipped with a new haptic feedback system.

The PS5 controller was designed, as reported by Sony, to increase the sense of identification in games, which will be achieved through two elements: an improvement in the vibration system and an adaptive trigger management system that will vary their resistance based on the context.

Sony explains that the adoption of haptic feedback in place of the old rumble technology present from the fifth generation of consoles makes it possible to significantly modify the sensations of the game. In fact, this leads to a wider range of different vibrations and feedback, able to more accurately simulate the difference between situations, with a wide range of tactile sensations thanks to a much more variable intensity of vibrations.

The adaptive triggers, that is the adaptive triggers, placed in the L2 and R2 keys, on the other hand, should allow even more net feedback: “Developers can program the resistance of the trigger in order to transfer the tactile sensation of pulling a bow or pressing the Accelerator of an off-road vehicle on rough terrain “, says Sony’s post. “In combination with haptic feedback, this can produce a powerful experience that better simulates the various actions.” Apparently, various developers have already started receiving the first versions of these new controllers, so you can start experimenting with the new features.

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