PS5: Release Date in Autumn 2020, Confirms Sony


Comes the confirmation of Sony on the expected release period for PS5, or the autumn of 2020 with reference to the holiday season, or the pre-Christmas phase of the market, which will see the arrival of the new console.

Sony has confirmed that the release date for PS5 is scheduled for autumn 2020, as stated in an official statement reported on the PlayStation blog and also in an exclusive article by Wired, where it speaks of “Holiday 2020” for the launch of the new console.

The official PlayStation blog post therefore clearly shows that the release period officially scheduled by Sony for PS5 is towards the end of 2020, to be precise “Holiday” or autumn 2020. The same thing is confirmed by the article by Wired, which reports directly from Jim Ryan and apparently sees the period of the

We recall that this is the pre-Christmas and Christmas period according to the typical scan of the North American market, but more precisely it is often identified with the last two months of the year, so we can expect the release date of PS5 with a certain probability between November 2020 and the beginning of December.

It is indeed in line with what was expected so far and also with the tradition of Sony consoles, considering that PS4 was also launched in November 2013.

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