PS5, the Benefits of the AMD Zen 2 CPU Explained by Two Developers


The PS5 AMD Zen 2 CPU will guarantee better physical management and therefore the construction of more realistic game worlds.

The AMD Zen 2 of SS5 will be able to make a difference in terms of fidelity gaming worlds created by developers. This was stated by Grzegorz Kurek and Andrzej Sugier, respectively the game director and game designer of Mass Creations.

During an interview conducted by GamingBolt, the couple explained that the hardware features of the new Sony console will allow a decisive step forward especially in the management of physics.

“The CPU power in today’s games is mainly used to manage physics and animations. The new CPUs will allow greater fidelity to the worlds we create,” the developers observe. “More things could be animated, interact with each other, be destroyed or moved. In Shing! We use physics for fighting. When you hit an enemy, you apply an effective force on your body; you perceive it better but at the same time it is a heavy load for the CPU “.

“Even the cut parts are physical objects, so we have to manage the amount present at the same time on the screen. We had to eliminate an option that meant cutting the same enemy more than once because it generated a lot of CPU stress.

PS5 will be released on the market at the end of 2020.

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