PSG complete €54M deal… thanks to Messi?

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PSG complete €54M deal… thanks to Messi?

Published on September 16, 2023 at 12:15 pm.

In recent years, PSG has entered a new dimension from an economic point of view. The capital club signed a historic contract with Nike in 2019 but didn’t stop there. Recently, Rouge-et-Bleu entered into an agreement with GOAT brand. Lionel Messi may also have helped PSG in completing this file.

with the advent of QSI About ten years ago, the psg Has moved into a new dimension. While this had a direct impact on the sporting aspect, a big leap was seen in the economic aspect as well. psg signed a historic contract with Nike A few years ago, but that’s not all.

The GOAT joins the PSG family

Over the past season, PSG has completed a good number of sponsorship contracts. Recently, an agreement was reached with the Rouge-et-Bleu brand goat, The Paris management would also have got valuable help in finalizing this file.

Is Lionel Messi involved in this matter?

as reported brandarrival of Lionel Messi would have helped psg To close your deal with the GOAT. The brand has sponsored the capital club since 2022, and the Parisian team receives €18 million per season. The contract between both parties lasts for three years. overall, psg So €54M should be recovered, partly thanks to Lionel Messi,

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