PSG: Spain calls for Mbappe to transfer him

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PSG: Spain calls for Mbappe to transfer him

Published on October 7, 2023 at 11:30 pm.

Kylian Mbappé is at the center of all the rumors regarding the transfer window, at the end of his contract next June. At the moment, no one really knows whether he will remain at PSG and whether he will accept another challenge elsewhere. Real Madrid is particularly cautious. And in Spain, we couldn’t stop questioning the 24-year-old star over his transfer.

in this summer, psg have once again seen their transfer window victimized by the Kylian Mbappe soap opera. At the end of his contract the following June, the 24-year-old star declined to exercise his option to extend for another year. results, rumors are sending him real Madrid Relaunched. But ultimately, the French international stayed at home psg,

Mbappe shakes up the soap opera transfer window

real Madrid Will still be under surveillance. florentino perez Banking on free arrival of kilian mbappe In 2024. And as was able to tell you, there is currently just as much chance of seeing the captain blues Sign in to the Spanish capital instead of staying psg this summer. l’spain wanted to ask again kilian mbappe,

“Madrid will not forgive you”

, Three months is the time you have had Mbappé. Three months to make the best decision of your life, end this soap opera, close the door to the failed PSG project, give up the poker tricks and bluffs, strange little games and strategies. Why are you waiting for more trains to miss to win the Ballon d’Or? Madrid will not forgive you because they know their future depends on you » launched journalist juanfe sanz on the microphone ofel chiringuito, Now let’s see what decision comes kilian mbappe Will take. If it does not extend with psg Until then, the 2018 world champion will be free to negotiate with whoever he wants from January.

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