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Lionel Messi is not only the best football player in history, but he is also an excellent actor. While the 2022 world champion (yes, it still hurts a bit to write this) arrived at PSG in the summer of 2021 with a big smile, he confessed this week… that he actually had no desire to stay at the club . That time.

Messi was unhappy at PSG

During a recent press conference organized by Inter Miami (MLS, USA) – his new club with whom he has had the pleasure of playing football again (9 goals, 1 assist in 6 games), Lionel Messi actually spoke about his career in the USA. Appreciate the new life. Compare that with someone he had known in France for two years.

,I am very happy to be here because, unlike Paris, it was my choice to come to Inter Miami. so it was a quick decisionhe said at the outset. Then, he continued, “My departure for PSG was neither planned nor desired, I didn’t want to leave Barcelona. It happened overnight.“As a reminder, wages in Spain are very high and due to the impossibility of reducing them due to the law governing La Liga, FC Barcelona – threatened by Financial Fair Play – could not renew Messi’s contract.

He sends a message to Paris supporters…

Furthermore, Cristiano Ronaldo’s best enemy has revealed that the arrival was not easy to digest in these circumstances, even in a city like Paris: “I had to get used to a completely different place than the one where I had spent my whole life. in relation to both the city and the gameHe expressed his condolences. it was difficult,

An experience of which he does not have very fond memories, despite scoring 32 goals and 35 assists in 75 games, and which is a stark contrast to his experience in the United States today. ,This is the opposite of what is happening to me today. The welcome was impressive as soon as I got hereDelighted was the striker, who did not hesitate to send a short tackle to his former supporters. It’s a city with a lot of Latinos, which makes things a lot easier. Latinos are closer, more demonstrative. They always show you affection, closeness. It is very important, healthy and very pleasant thing And it facilitates installation and customization.,

…PSG fans gave him the answer

A statement that doesn’t really make sense and that also seems obvious, but that doesn’t please… PSG supporters. While the latter already believe that the Argentine, given his talent and his XXL salary, never really brought what he should have done on the field and accused him of playing the club in order to remain in form. Took advantage of Preparing for the World Cup in Qatar, they are only mildly appreciative of seeing Messi complaining again today.

,Choupo Moating was more decisive than Leo Messi for PSG“One user on Twitter poked fun while another scoffed,”He tries to justify himself by being worthless. He thought he would shine here and the big physics of L1 extinguished him. It sure is easy to play against wrestlers and McDonald’s employees“. But not only that, we can also read comments like this on this network, “messi what a disgusting fraud,Then why did you come, you big puppet! You were happy when you saw lakhs of rupees on the check at the end of the month” Or, “It was not my choice, it was chosen by the money!,

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