PSG undergoes changes and will try to sell Neymar in the next window

PSG is undergoing a cast overhaul by the new director, while Brazilian Leonardo expects to be fired; striker may be sold soon

O PSG is at full steam thinking about its reformulation for the next season, but before it actually arrives, the Paris club wants to try the sale of Neymar in the transfer window, according to the information published by the website “ESPN”. The reason would be a desire to please the direction of Mbappe after contract renewal.

In this way, the publication highlights that behind the scenes of the clubs, the PSG completely changed his stance after Mbappé decided to stay at the club, especially at a time when it seemed certain that he would leave without any cost for the Real Madrid. Oblivious to this fact is Neymar, who could end up leaving the team.

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It is also worth remembering that Neymar renewed his contract with PSG last year, with an initial validity until 2025. Because of this, the Brazilian still has three years to complete, but despite this, the Parisian club is willing to sell him. it anyway, and in the middle of that year.

In the case of Mbappé, the Frenchman’s new contract runs until 2025, and marks a new era at the club, with the director of football, the Brazilian Leonardowhich can be disconnected from the function at any time and replaced by Luís Campos. It is worth mentioning that he is an ally of Mbappé, and the objective is to continue the successful partnership they had in the times of Monaco.

PSG intend to sell Neymar in the next window
PSG aim to sell Neymar next window (Credit: GettyImages)

So, if Luís Campos is officially announced in the next few days, the manager will already start working on a new format for the PSG squad, focusing on rejuvenating the team. Because of this fact, the tendency of athletes like Neymar and those who have been for a long time to be disconnected from the team gradually.

Neymar’s desire and the impasse

On vacation, Neymar is in Qatar participating in events with some of PSG’s sponsors. There, during an interview, he said that he wants to stay in the French team and whatever depends on him will be like that, but apparently, the current Ligue 1 champions really want to open up more space for new signings and new goals next season.

If he really leaves PSG, the striker will have a challenge ahead of him. That’s because Neymar’s high salary, which costs around 35 million euros, about R$179 million to PSG a year, could end up being a barrier for other clubs to be interested in making an offer for the player. Despite that, the Chelsea has a longstanding interest in him, and may be a likely fate.

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