PSG will appreciate: without any taboo, Kevin De Bruyne invites Kylian Mbappe to leave the club for a simple reason

Kevin De Bruyne, as we know, is not one to hide when it comes to voicing his opinion. The Red Devil proved it again in a video broadcast by Manchester City on their social networks. He gave his opinion on the best midfielders in history or ranked the most difficult defenders to face. But he also revealed his top 3 players who have the most chances to win the Golden Ball.

Surprise: Mbappe is last in his ranking behind Vinicius (second) and his favorite Haaland. But for Belgium, there is a logical explanation, which actually sounds like advice. “I don’t know what this year will hold for him”First of all he explained in brief. “I also think it is more difficult for him to win at PSG. There are rumors at Madrid. If he goes there, I would probably put him first.”He quietly slipped away, which is much talked about in France.

Recall that Kevin De Bruyne, who finished second last year, is also a serious candidate for the Ballon d’Or podium this year after an exceptional season, punctuated by a hat-trick with Manchester City. The trophy will be presented on 30 October, a month before the Red Devils return from injury.

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