PSN: 94 Million Active Users, over a Third Subscriber to PS Plus

Psn: 94 Million Active Users, over a Third Subscriber to PS Plus

The accounts registered on PSN have reached 94 million, out of about 96 million consoles distributed, of which 36 million are subscribers to PS Plus.

From the Corporate Strategy Meeting of Sony relating to the fiscal year 2019 and held in the last few hours, there are also figures regarding PSN and PS Plus, which continue to grind really impressive numbers in particular with regard to PlayStation Network with 94 million active registered users.

The Game & Network Services division has therefore announced that the total active users on PSN are 94 million on a base of around 96.8 million PS4 distributed all over the world. Obviously, this is simply a user for whom a certain online activity has been recorded on PlayStation Network, which includes free accounts and probably also multiple accounts referring to a single user, even if the issue is not specified. In any case, this is a truly impressive number, which testifies among other things that almost all PS4 users have carried out online activities or at least a minimum access on PSN.

Of these 94 million, just over a third are also subscribers to PS Plus: over 36 million users have subscribed to PS Plus, thus being able to access the online multiplayer game on PS4 as well as discounts and dedicated offers, as well as to famous free monthly games. In total, PS4 users spent $ 20 billion on PS Store during the 2018 fiscal year.

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