Psychodrama dem about nominations. The excluded attack and Letta prepares for new abandonments

Mid-August, the longest night in the Nazarene. Quarrels, tensions, exclusions. It is the redde rationem of the Democratic Party to test the lists, with the secretary issuing a “I would have liked to reapply all of you”. But it is not possible to do so and the cut of the parliamentarians hits the party with bare numbers. Excluding excellent, new recruits, doors first slammed and then reopened. Candidates – all in secure colleges and eligible positions – are four under 35 loyalists of Letta (Caterina Cerroni, Marco Sarracino, Rachele Scarpa and Raffaele La Regina), who together with civics (Andrea Crisanti, Carlo Cottarelli), and the militants of the democratic Agora (Elly Schlein) will be her flagship. Feed the internal currents – Dem Area, Reformist Base, Young Turks – but with sacrifices and cuts to important names. «I personally asked some sacrifices – says the leader – and it weighed heavily on me. Four years ago, the method of those who made the lists was: I do everything myself. I tried to create a balance and respect for the territories was among the founding criteria of the choices ». The soloist of four years ago, Matteo Renzi, attacks, sees in the dem lists an attempt to make a clean sweep of the former Renzians in the Democratic Party. «It seems to me that Letta’s leadership was characterized more by personal rancor than by the will to win. We will see the fruits on September 26th ».

The upper echelons of the party, on the other hand, claim a renewal that would be taking place while respecting internal equilibrium. There was, is the reasoning, no clean-up: “So much so that even exponents of the reformist Base have voted the go-ahead for the lists”. However, the exclusion of former Renziano Luca Lotti, who bitterly comments on Letta’s «political choice» on Facebook, becomes a coincidence: «he explained to me that there are names of a higher caliber than mine. I confess that I did not quite understand if he was referring to those who until a few months ago were spitting poison against the Democratic Party and who today find themselves almost by magic a safe place on our lists. I do not know. But so it is ». In short, stab wounds. Also because Lotti in the management was praised by the minister and manager Lorenzo Guerini, but nothing more. Because, as noted by the Nazarene, “no indication from Florence has arrived for Lotti, so, if you are looking for those responsible, call the intercom in Tuscany.” Then there is Monica Cirinnà, a long-time senator, the godmother of civil rights. She was offended, to say the least, for having found herself a candidate in the “lions’ den”, the Roma 4 college considered difficult to conquer by the left. She is embittered to the point that she, with the direction still in progress, she announces that she wants to give up. It only takes a few hours to make her change her mind. She calls a press conference in which she lowers the tone and communicates the turnaround. «I can say that it is a film already seen, having lived the night of Renzi’s lists. The rules were clear. No multiple candidacies, no parachute, enhance merit and skills. I have not been valued as a national manager for the work I have done and the skills I have. The Democratic Party puts its top executives in the most difficult places. I felt personally impressed, I was sure I could do a good job but I got a slap in the face. Many are refusing boarding schools because they are considered the lion’s den ”. But then: «I thought for a long time about what to do. I will not run away, I will fight like a gladiator ». And yesterday Letta had a long conversation with Undersecretary Enzo Amendola, to convince him to accept the candidacy of third in the proportional list in the Naples Senate college, behind Franceschini and Valeria Valente.

Instead Stefano Ceccanti, outgoing group leader in the Constitutional Affairs Committee of the Chamber, denies having accepted the candidacy: «I read with amazement that I would be candidate number 4 for the proportional in Florence-Pisa. The news is devoid of any foundation as the secretary Letta well knows ». Excluding Rosa Maria Di Giorgi: “A rancorous design that certainly does not do honor to the Democratic Party and that leads me to seriously reflect on my belonging to the party”.

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