Psychophile Kendall Jenner also targeted Kylie! He visited her after she was released from detention

Kylie Jenner, Kendall Jenner
Author: Jackson Lee / Splash News / EAST NEWS

Kendall Jenner has recently become convinced of what the dark side of show business means. The model received disturbing information that a certain man wanted to hurt her. There was also a break-in at her property. Now it turns out that not only Kendall was the target of the psychophan. Kylie Jenner must also be careful …

International celebrities often experience attacks from psychophans. In order to get closer to their idols, stalkers use various methods. They send threats, scare, but are also sometimes so determined that they personally try to do something and break into their property. She had experienced the latter recently Kendall Jenner.

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An intruder broke into the model’s mansion and decided to take a bath in her swimming pool. To make it more effective, he did it… naked! Before security responded, the 27-year-old managed to use the luxurious swimming pool. After the security intervention, the arriving police arrested the intruder.

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Kylie Jenner being targeted by the psychophile Kendall

However, this is not the end. After Shaquan King’s arrest for a day and a half, he had no intention of resigning from further visits from the Jenner family. After leaving the custody, he went to the Kylie estate. There he was also arrested for persecution. The man reportedly has a lot of photos of both Kendall and Kylie in his computer.

Kendall and Kylie managed to react quickly. The man was forbidden to approach the girls. Additionally, Kris Jenner cannot approach their mother within 100 yards, or 91 meters.

Kendall Jenner has been going through various dangerous situations lately. Earlier, she had received a message from the police that she was being sought by a man who was probably planning her shoot! Fortunately, Kendall is cautious and has already thought about reinforcing her protection.

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