Public administration short of skills, hunting for 14 thousand experts

There is not only the increase in the costs of the works that risks hindering the implementation of the NRP. One year after the launch of the EU maxi plan, with the grounding of the first reforms (63 overall) and investments (151), another alarm bell is emerging: the skills often unavailable in public administration, first and foremost in the local one (the municipalities are called upon to manage about 90 billion between Pnrr and the complementary fund, and several delays are already emerging).

To turn on the red light is a paper, created by the experts of Intellera Consulting, Roberto Trainito and Stefania Lemme, (Intellera Consulting is the main consulting company of the Pa, ed), already finished on the table of the technicians of the ministries holding the measures of the program (some issues were discussed yesterday during a conference in Rome at the Guglielmo Marconi University – the university together with Intellera Consulting is starting a training course “The Pnrr in pills “aimed at graduates and graduates).


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According to the dossier, about 14 thousand experts in both the public and private sectors would be needed to carry out reforms and investments, while today with the selections already made in the PA (and the increasingly frequent renunciations) a thousand positions are covered. The mission that requires the most qualified personnel is Mission 2 – Green Revolution and Ecological Transition – with a need for more than 3,500 profiles. Followed by Mission 1 – Digitization, Innovation, competitiveness, culture and tourism – with over 2,900 profiles.

The missing skills

Going into a little more detail, what the public apparatus lacks are first of all project and program management skills, which are fundamental for governing and coordinating multi-level and multi-actor interventions. Technical-administrative skills are also needed, such as those in the field of investment management, monitoring, reporting and control, as well as knowledge of EU and national legislation on procurement and contracts. In infrastructures, for example, the main deficiency concerns the selection of the most innovative contractors (partnership for innovation) and project financing skills. Then there are the vertical skills needed in the individual measures (IT experts, engineers, architects, geologists, surveyors, physicists). In Mission 1 we need a data scientist, social media expert, enterprice architect, It solution and developer architect, always to give practical examples. In mission 2 of hydraulic, civil, environmental and management engineers. In mission 5 (inclusion and cohesion) of impact assessment experts and ecosystem managers.

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Selections already made, profiles largely left on paper

The point is that with the selections already made, 146 calls for experts published to date on the InPa portal, these skills / profiles have largely remained on paper. About a hundred junior profiles have been included (work experience of less than 4 years), who in the vast majority of cases were required transversal skills. For the thousands of seniors (over 5 years of experience in the reference sector), on the other hand, the focus continued above all on vertical skills.

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