Public Works Takes Days of Social Impact in Cristo Rey’s Neighborhood

Santo Domingo, Dr.– In social assistance operations, through the coordinator of the Ministry of Public Works and Communications, the organization carried out extensive operations in different neighborhoods of Cristo Rey Sector in the National District, affecting dozens of low-income families.

During the day, medical operations were carried out with dental, gynecological, general and family medicine, pediatrics and mammography services, as well as urology, cardiology and psychiatry, where medicines were distributed completely free of charge.

In addition, fumigation and drinking water distribution operations were carried out.

Social impact operations are carried out at the national level by order of President Luis Abinedar, with the aim of benefiting thousands of low-income people, which will continue to be carried out at every point of the national geography, especially in the most vulnerable areas. ,

Isidro Ramirez Otano, coordinator of the Ministry of Public Works in the health sector, explained that the days of operations were extended to the neighborhoods and municipalities of 40, 70, El Caliche, Puerto Ysabella, Calle Higue, Calles Luz, 41 and 49. In the populated area of ​​Cristo Rey.

Medical operations were carried out at the Benito Juárez Primary School in the above area, where Claudio José Núñez, president of the Buena Vista Neighborhood Council of Cristo Rey, was also present.
White Polo and Antonio Terrero Guzmán, who participated as collaborators.

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