Pudzianowski is an agile businessman. He revealed what he earns

Mariusz Pudzianowski honestly admits that MMA is just an accessory for him. On a daily basis, he focuses primarily on numerous businesses, which he lists in an interview with the sport.pl portal.

Robert Czykiel

Robert Czykiel

Mariusz Pudzianowski

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One can get the impression that whatever Mariusz Pudzianowski does not catch, he achieves success there. He started out with strongmen in sports and became world champion five times. Then he switched to MMA and has been one of the biggest stars of the KSW organization for several years.

Dominator, however, focuses on business on a daily basis. The 44-year-old is extremely agile and hardworking at the same time. What does he earn today?

– Trucks, trucks, I also have a fleet of cars. And I work in real estate. I put everything in order, I diversified my wallet in such a way that I would always have a drip when I pull a string – he explains in the sport.pl portal.

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Pudzianowski is known to work hard himself. He travels with goods, helps with fruit harvest, and even watches over car repairs. He gets up at 5:30 every day and leaves for work shortly after. Therefore, it does not hide that sport is an accessory and he was aware of it even before he became a strongmen star.

– I have always acted because I am a rational person. I know the sport will end someday. And then what? If I only focused on sports, I would probably get better results. I would be lifting 450-460 kg, not 415 kg. But that was enough for me to be a world champion five times. In MMA, I would probably achieve more, but I have already fulfilled myself in strongmen. MMA is an accessory, fun, willingness to test yourself and that’s it – he admits.

Pudzian has recently been very successful at combining work with MMA fights. In KSW he won the last four duels. In the same interview, he revealed that he might enter the cage two or three more times and end his career.

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