Purchase prices of cattle recorded the first drops in a long time

Cattle prices have been steadily increasing in recent months. Recently, however, this trend has slowed down somewhat, and some companies have even adjusted rates.

The price fever on the cattle market was somewhat chilled by timid attempts to lower rates by some plants, which was reflected especially in the case of prices in the WBC settlement. However, the rates still remain fairly high, thus making it possible to cope with rising production costs.

Watching cattle prices on the European market, it can be noticed that Poland has finally stopped deviating from the average EU beef price, what is more, the average rates from recent weeks offered in our country exceed the prices in Italy and are also higher than the average rates in the EU. Can the situation be considered stable then? In part, yes, but it must be remembered that the situation in the industry is influenced by many factors, such as the further course of the COVID-19 pandemic and the threat of another lockdown.

Bull prices with the greatest correction

This week, in the surveyed plants, the purchase prices for bulls in class R are maximum PLN 19.70 / kg (average PLN 18.66 / kg), while in class O the upper rate is PLN 19.00 / kg (average PLN 18.17 / kg). kg). The prices of bulls bought for live weight reach up to PLN 12.00 / kg (on average PLN 10.60 / kg).

Heifers prices are falling

Rates for heifers in the post-slaughter settlement in class R are maximum PLN 18.50 / kg (average PLN 17.76 / kg), and in class O PLN 18.00 / kg (average PLN 17.04 / kg). For heifers sold by live weight, producers can now receive a little less, up to PLN 9.50 / kg (on average PLN 8.88 / kg).

Cow prices with the smallest drops

The rates offered for cows were the least affected by the reductions. The current prices for females in the post-mortem settlement are a maximum of PLN 16.50 / kg (on average PLN 15.56 / kg). However, in the case of sale by live weight, the prices reach up to PLN 7.50 / kg (average PLN 7 / kg) (net prices).

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