Purple Hearts: Why Netflix’s Romantic Comedy Bewitches Everyone

Summer is coming and something inside us prevails: it is a need for lightness that can distract us from the worries and anxieties accumulated lazily during the winter, and it doesn’t matter if that lightness coincides with a romantic comedy of which we intuit from the first minutes how it will endbecause, after all, deluding oneself that real life works like a romantic film is certainly not a mortal sin. Purple Heartsthe new Netflix original film that jumped in less than two weeks to the top of the most viewed titles in Italy and in many other countries around the world, is the perfect harp because, in its simplicity, it manages to give everyone the illusion that certain joints could match so perfectly even in real life, only to realize that in Purple Hearts and in any other American comedy the boys don’t have a trace of fat mass, the girls are perfectly slender and everything seems to proliferate inside a transparent and unbreakable bubble.

The protagonists of this story inspired by Tess Wakefield’s novel of the same name are two boys: Cassie Salazaran aspiring singer-songwriter who spends her evenings serving at pub tables with the hope sooner or later of breaking through and becoming a star, and Luke Morrow, a soft-hearted boy who has decided to join the army to show his father that he takes his future seriously after wasting his teenage years on drugs. Their paths cross at her pub thanks to a mutual friend and a double problem: Cassie needs solid health insurance because she is diabetic and neither she nor her mother can guarantee her the necessary care with their salaries, while Luke it takes $ 15,000 to pay off the debt he owes to his former drug dealer without anyone getting hurt. Hence the diabolical plan to get married the day before Luke’s departure for Iraq because we learn that in America the medical expenses of the soldiers’ wives are covered automatically and that the couple, once they say “yes”, will be entitled each month to an extra income that Luke can pay to pay off his debt.

Purple Hearts. (L to R) Sofia Carson as Cassie, Nicholas Galitzine as Luke in Purple Hearts. Cr. Hopper Stone / Netflix © 2022.Hopper Stone / Netflix

Needless to say, too Purple Hearts does not give up on a formula that has been tried and tested in Hollywood: Cassie and Luke initially hate each other. She carries on her feminist ideology by repeatedly accusing all men who find themselves invading her visual field of bravado while he seems to have an idea of ​​the relationship centered on male control and the perennial complacency of those who brought him into the world to be. at its height. How it will end is easily understood – not to mention that the marriage-scam ploy is borrowed from another comedy, Blackmail of lovewith Ryan Reynolds and Sandra Bullock -, yet Purple Hurts – which would be the honor granted by the president of the United States to the war-wounded – it can be seen both because certain plots never die and because the two protagonists, the Disney star Sofia Carson, who also signs the song Come Back Home featured in the movie soundtrack, and the model Nicholas Galitzine already seen in the version of Cinderella by Prime Video with Camilla Cabello, are two nice tidbits. In short, a winning combo that never dies, and if the result is to make us forget the daily tribulations for a couple of hours, making us hope for a ride to meet a handsome marine willing to marry us in a bar, so be it.

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