Pursuit on the provincial, police recover stolen truck and excavator

TOAST – The agents of the Brindisi police headquarters, this morning (Friday 23 September 2022) around 6 am, recovered a truck carrying an excavator. Both vehicles had been stolen a few days ago in the Brindisi area. The theft of the truck dates back to a few days ago. It would be more recent, however, that of the excavator. The recovery was possible after a long chase along the Brindisi-Tuturano provincial road which ended near the PalaPentassuglia where he was blocked by the police. A person on board the truck was stopped by policemen and reported for receiving stolen goods and resisting a public official. The vehicles, under seizure at the judicial deposit of the Tarantini company, have already been returned to their legitimate owners.

The reconstruction of the police

At the first light of dawn the Volanti noticed a heavy vehicle in transit along the Brindisi ring road at high speed followed at a very short distance by a small car. Suspicious of what was happening, the first checks were made while the vehicles were still running. The car was not to be searched unlike the truck which resulted from theft. The result was a chase during which the man at the wheel of the car tried to attract the attention of the policemen on himself by subsequently losing his tracks. Despite the clumsy attempt to divert the attention of the agents, a steering wheel continued to follow the heavy vehicle which had a load represented by a large excavator. The run of the truck was interrupted at the gates of Tuturano and also the subsequent attempt to escape the driver who got out of the vehicle was thwarted by the immediate intervention of the policemen who managed to block it.

The driver, an offender resident in the province of Bari and originally from the same area, was reported. Some complaints have also been raised against him for violations of the Highway Code and the Police Chief of Brindisi has ordered the administrative provision of the “Mandatory Via Sheet” against him.

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