Put your car keys in this container – you’ll save a lot of money

By now the classic car keys, to be inserted in the handle, are almost an old memory. For years now, cars have been equipped with new systems for opening doors, with wireless keys capable of triggering doors several meters away. These keys are very convenient, and few know that there are containers in the house where it is good to leave them.

Every component of your car needs special attention, even and above all the keys. Modern keys have been a real revolution for motorists, but it is good to know that some special attention is required if you do not want to risk losing a lot of money.

The keys are in fact able to open and close the doors from a distance, from several meters. This is a great convenience, which allows, for example, to lock the car from the balcony of your home in case you are not sure you have done it, without having to get off on purpose.

Unfortunately, their convenience is also a big problem. In fact, with every technological innovation there are critical issues, exploited by criminals and to which it is good to be very careful. Several thieves are in fact able to exploit the key signal to their advantage in order to steal parked cars.

There are many thieves in possession of special equipment, capable of intercepting the remote control signal and using it to open the door and then steal the car. Not only that, some are also able to amplify the signal, so you can steal a car even several hundred meters away. This is a series of rather advanced instruments, which have been in the hands of car thieves for years.

Where to put the keys

Several motorists ran for cover, looking for ways to avoid having the car taken away from under the house. There are those who turn off the remote control and who, on the other hand, have found special containers in which to hide the key and avoid theft.

Several motorists have started leaving their keys inside an empty aluminum can. The aluminum should in fact be able to shield the signal of the cars, and this would allow to better protect themselves from the bad guys, thus incapacitated to steal the cars.

Obviously this is an artisanal method, far from confirmed and of which there are no certainties on the actual functionality. Putting the keys in the aluminum jar, however, could help to be a little more peaceful, as well as solve the problem of finding a place to hide them.

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