Putin announces military mobilization and flights to leave Russia end in a few hours

Following the speech to the nation with which Russian President Vladimir Putin announced the military mobilization in Russiathere are no more tickets – or almost – for i direct flights from Moscow to Istanbulto Yerevan – the Armenian capital – oa Tbilisithe capital of the Georgia. These are the only destinations reachable without stopovers. This was made known by the independent Russian newspaper Meduza on Telegram. The Russians fear being progressively called to fight and that borders are closed. In fact, if well the 70% of the Russian population it is said favorable to the “special military operation” in Ukraineonly the 3% would be willing to go to fight. The opposition Belarusian newspaper Nexta instead he identified only one flight available, from Moscow to Eravan at a price of over 43,400 rubles (718 euros).

Everyone wants to know how to leave Russia

Already yesterday, when it became known that the tsar would speak to the nation, Google searches for keywords how to leave RussiaКак уехать из россии») Had experienced a surge. Resumed today after the announcement by the Russian president of the mobilization, with which – specified the defense minister of the Kremlin Sergey Shoigu – they should take the field 300 thousand new men. Observing i trend it is noted that the regions where the research has been carried out the most are that of St.Pietroburgo and that of Fly. A spike in similar searches had occurred in February, the month in which the invasion of Ukraine began. Yesterday, the Russian government enacted changes to the law that introduced the concepts of mobilization and martial law into the criminal code. This very news had raised the first voices that anticipated a speech to the president’s nation. Meanwhile, reports theHandleare spreading on Telegram, the most used social network in Russia, lists that collect the names of organizations that offer advice for the total rights of military personnel.

GOOGLE / Trends | Searches for the string “how to leave Russi” in (“Как уехать из россии”) in the last week

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